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2023 Palomino Pause Travel Trailer Review & Walkthrough Video

With the arrival of 2023, camper manufacturers are introducing new floor plans and this is the time for the 2023 Palomino Pause Travel Trailer Review and Walkthrough Video.

I encourage you to read each section carefully and discover how amazing is this off-road Pause camper by Palomino RV. We have specially prepared this article and video to show you one of the best campers for overland in 2023 (if not the best).

Also, we include some of the most common questions we are receiving from our readers regarding the 2023 Palomino Pause Travel Trailer Specifications, Palomino Pause Price, (we reveal How Much Is the Pause Trailer), and our review of the Palomino Hiatus RV.

So, let’s start with the Palomino Pause RV Review and Walkthrough Video.

Who Makes Pause RV? Palomino Travel Trailers

The Pause off-road trailer is made by Palomino RV, a division of Forest River, Inc.

Palomino RV makes recreational vehicles (RVs), including truck campers, fifth wheels, and travel trailers. Colon, Michigan serves as the company’s headquarters. It was established in 1968. Palomino RV is renowned for its top-notch and cutting-edge RV designs, including its well-liked Puma brand of fifth wheels and travel trailers.

Nowadays, the company is part of the Forest River RV group, which is one of the largest RV manufacturers in North America.

Palomino Hiatus RV, Interlude & Interval Pause Campers

When launched the Pause travel trailers 20.2 and 20.3 floorplans, were named Palomino Hiatus RV, Palomino Hiatus XC20.2, and XC20.3. In the RV shows, the presenters themselves hardly mention it as Hiatus. Therefore, nowadays and after several RV shows and awards, the Pause campers are popularly known as Palomino Pause XC20.2 and Palomino Pause XC20.3 (or just Palomino Pause 20.2 and 20.3 travel trailers), although some flyers named them as Interlude XC20.2 and Interlude XC20.2 (plus Interval XC16.4 and Interlude XC20.4 (the Pause bunkhouse), both Pause campers coming soon).

Palomino Pause Price

Although still variable for 2023, pricing on the Pause XC20.2 starts at $138,000. Mostly the same for the pricing on the Palomino Pause XC20.3 starting at $138,000. However, let me repeat that still variable, and believe it is totally worth it as you will see in this review.

2023 Palomino Pause Travel Trailer Review

Palomino Pause XC 20.2 and Palomino Pause XC 20.3 are the two-floor plans of this Off-Road RV that marks an icon in the travel trailer manufacturing industry in the United States.

In this article, we are going to point out some of the most particular features of this travel trailer that undoubtedly make it unique and comparable to the best Australian overland camper models you can think of, but 100% made in the USA.

Pause Travel Trailer Key Features

Let’s see the key features common on Palomino Pause 20.2 and Pause 20.3 travel trailers.

Aluminum Frame & No Wood in Palomino Pause. An interesting feature of the Palomino Pause camper is that the entire chassis is made of riveted aluminum, so there are no welds. You will not find wood throughout the Pause RV. 

Both Pause RV floorplans feature a weld-free, rivet-only aluminum frame structure, making it an ideal travel trailer for overland.

Palomino Pause Suspension System. The Pause camper’s suspension system is also remarkable. Each wheel is fully independent with airbags. The independent air suspension is composed of top-of-the-line shock absorbers and a system that allows a ground clearance of 25″ through the Garmin system with intelligent functions on them.

So, they can be raised and lowered approximately 12 inches. Therefore, you can get about 25 inches of ground clearance. The air compressor system inflates the airbags in the suspension. The same air compressor allows you to inflate the tires of your Pause camper or the bicycles you carry.

Smart Camper by Garmin System. The Palomino Pause Travel trailer’s intelligent control system is operated through the Garmin system, with actions on the leveling, articulated hitch, off-road navigation, electric stabilizers, and tongue jack, all electronic functions related to the remaining energy and in use. It also controls the tire pressure control system. In the case of Pause 20.3, it also controls the closing and opening of the lockable storage (a safety vault), a feature absent in the Pause 20.2 travel trailer floor plan.

palomino pause travel trailer review

Solar Energy System. Regarding the use of solar energy in Palomino Pause Camper, the models are equipped with 600 watts of solar energy on the roof, 2 lithium batteries of 270 AH, 1 inverter of 3,000 W, and 2 solar chargers of 50 A. Upgrade options are available. Optionally you can double that and get 1200 watts of solar power and 1080-amp hours from the lithium battery.

Palomino Pause Camper Floor, Wall & Roof. The floor and walls as well as the roof feature an absolutely robust composite (Transcore) which makes the Pause RV a robust off-road trailer ideal for off-road and overland. There is no wood throughout the unit. The front wall and extrusions are coated with polyurea.

Palomino Pause RV Awning System. The 14-foot rubber awning has no legs. Instead has a protective and articulating arm including a built-in wind sensor that will retract if it gets too windy.

In the exterior back of the Palomino Pause travel trailer, you will find two spare wheels and the rear storage compartment. The ladder at the back gives access to the roof. At the back, there are two tire racks and two Goodyear spare wheels.

Palomino Pause RV Storage Compartments. The most important storage area of Palomino Pause is also at the back and is worth seeing. When you arrive at the campsite you want to access the rear storage area, just go down the aluminum steps and access through a rear door to a large storage area with shelves that facilitate the organization of your camper. The rear storage compartment is 62.7 cubic feet and is a sight to see. It can be accessed from the outside through the rear door of the Pause camper. The compartment is equipped with shelves to allow for organization.

Aluminum Steps. The steps swing up, which is very beneficial because you can get all the dirt on the outside, so when you climb the steps, you are ready to go.

Furnace and Air Conditioner. Palomino Pause also features a furnace and air conditioner that you can easily control and bring to the desired temperature from the Garmin tablet.

Pause Powered by Garmin Tablet & App. Palomino Pause powered by Garmin makes the intelligent system operated through the Garmin tablet allows you to control virtually everything on the unit, right down to the air pressure of your tires, which you can inflate and deflate from your Garmin. It’s very easy to operate. And if you’re afraid of running everything through the Garmin tablet, you can also get the app on your mobile phone and control your Palomino Pause from there.

Some of the functions you will see and control on the Garmin tablet associated with your Palomino Pause are battery charge, remaining power, inverter status, interior and exterior temperature, turn on, dim or turn off interior and exterior lighting, close or open the vault, tank levels, modify the suspension, etc.

Outside Security Cameras. The Pause also has security cameras on all four sides. That way if you are sleeping and hear something outside you can check your cameras through the Garmin System.

Extra Features. If you get stuck, you can put the recovery boards under the tires to gain some traction and get you out of whatever predicament you find yourself in.

Palomino Pause 20.3 Travel Trailer

Let’s check out the differences between the Palomino Pause travel trailer floor plans 20.2 and 20.3.

Definitely, the Palomino Pause 20.3 Travel Trailer offers the exterior floor plan most attractive.

Deluxe Outside Kitchen. The outside kitchen is equipped with a 12-volt Truma cooler that is half-refrigerator and half-freezer (in addition to the refrigerator inside of the camper). The extended slide kitchen is also equipped with a griddle, a large outdoor pantry with a spice rack, and a pull-out prep table to place your cooking utensils while preparing your meals. It also has a small flip-down sink with hot and cold water that is very practical when cooking and saves us the hassle of getting in and out of the camper every time we are preparing our food.

Pause 20.3 Floor plan review

Coolest Food-Truck Camper Style. Continuing on the outside, Palomino Pause XC 20.3 RV is also equipped with a fold-out table in the rear and a food truck-style pass-thru window. There are two flip-down bar tables with stools on both sides of a pass-through large open window. One drop-down bar table is on the outside of this camper, next to the entry door and close to the outdoor kitchen.

Stoolbar & Bunk Bed. The folding table inside that faces the pass-thru window propose to turn the area into a bunk bed (29″x69″) for a third person sleeping in this camper, increasing the sleeping capacity of the XC 20.3 camper up to 3 people (instead of 2 people for the Pause 20.2 floor plan).

Palomino Pause Queen Size Bed Camper. As you can see in the floor plan below, to the right of the entry door you will find a tri-fold sleeper sofa that completes a full-size queen bed camper (60″x80″). There are shirt closets on both sides of the queen bed and useful reading lights on each side, as well as electrical outlets. There are no differences in this area between Palomino Pause 20.3 and 20.2.

Palomino Pause RV 20.3 Floor plan review
2023 Palomino Pause RV 20.3 Floor plan review

Windows & Skylights Pause Camper. Windows and skylights are double panels acrylic type, with perfect ailment, equipped with integrated blind and mosquito net. The windows and skylights also have roller shades to keep out the light.

Palomino Pause travel trailer review

Kitchen & Appliances. To the left of the entry door, you will find the barstool with the passthrough window.

Across from there, you will find a versatile kitchen that will allow you also to cook your meals inside when to weather is not good for cooking outside. That is a great feature of the Palomino Pause 20.3 Camper. The kitchen is equipped with a 15.6 cu ft refrigerator, a 21″ oven, a 3 burner cooktop/induction hob, a microwave, aluminum cabinets, and a 16″ round stainless sink.

2023 Palomino Pause 20.3 travel trailer review

As mentioned previously, there is no wood in the Pause travel trailer. So, the cabinets inside are made of aluminum and have a silent closing system in both Palomino Pause floorplans.

Indoor and Outdoor Kitchen. The indoor kitchen is a great help especially if the weather is not good and you prefer to cook inside. The outdoor kitchen is a deluxe kitchen adding an extra vote to the Palomino Pause 20.3 floor plan.

The entertainment center offers a 24″ Smart TV in the Palomino Pause 20.3. This floor plan does not include the lockable storage vault.

2023 Palomino Pause RV 20.3 Floor plan review

Camper with Bathroom. Let’s see the bathroom on the Pause 20.3 travel trailer. It is a full dry bathroom located rear with a large shower with skylight, foot-flushable porcelain toilet, hand basin, and a large mirror.

How Good is the Palomino Pause Shower? The large shower with the skylight allows a very comfortable position even for a 6 ft tall person.  It is entirely fiberglass with a shower fabric curtain. There is no glass at all, as this is an off-road camper, and we don’t want a broken glass. Also, there is storage space for linen and a large mirror. 

2023 Pause camper with bathroom off-road
2023 Palomino Pause RV: Camper with bathroom

Palomino Pause 20.2 Travel Trailer

Let’s see what incredible features the interior of the Palomino Pause 20.2 travel trailer has for us.

Palomino Pause XC20.2 camper
Palomino Pause XC20.2 Travel Trailer

Deluxe Outside Kitchen. With a grill and griddle combination, a 4.5 cu ft refrigerator, a microwave, a sink with hot and cold water, and a pantry, you will have everything you need for cooking a large meal.

Watch the Starts from Your Pause. At the front, we find the bed with a fabulous sleeping area to watch the stars before going to sleep.  When you’re lying in the bed, you can see the stars from inside and then roll down the shades to keep out the light. It’s a really cool feature for both floor plans, the Pause 20.2 and 20.3 travel trailers.

Palomino Pause XC20.2 Floor Plan review
Palomino Pause XC20.2 Floor Plan Review

Full-Size Queen Camper Bed. We have a fold-down sofa that folds down like a tri-fold mattress and thus hides during the day without having to deal with your mattress. This area has no differences from the features described for the Pause 20.3 floor plan. There are shirt closets and reading lights on both sides of the bed, as well as electrical outlets. Palomino Pause XC20.2 travel trailer has a sleeping capacity of up to 2, with no bunk beds.

Lockable Storage Vault. Something very new in this unit is that it has a safe that is actually a vault with an electronic lock that allows you to hide your belongings and valuables. The Pause 20.2 offers a lockable storage area behind your entertainment center wall. All this is controlled by the Garmin application.

Palomino Pause RV Bathroom. Regarding the bathroom, the Palomino Pause has a full dry bathroom, spacious and worth seeing, with a large shower with skylight, a porcelain toilet, a hand basin, a linen closet, and a mirror. The shower is fiberglass with a fabric curtain.

Storage Space. The Pause XC20.2 includes a compartment with fishing rod holders, a linen closet, and more space to store your belongings.

2023 Pause XC20.2 fishing rod holders

Fireplace. Palomino Pause 20.2 travel trailer includes a fireplace.

Pause Camper Entertainment Center. The entertainment center offers a 39″ Smart TV in the Palomino Pause 20.2.

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2023 Palomino Pause Off-Road Trailer Specifications

Palomino Pause Camper Specification Summary Chart

Let’s see a summary of the specifications of the Palomino Pause Camper in the following Chart for Palomino Pause Travel Trailers floor plans 20.2 & 20.3.

Specification SummaryPalomino Pause 20.2Palomino Pause 20.3
MakePalomino RVPalomino RV
RV Type/ClassTravel Trailer for Overlanding
Travel Trailer for Overlanding
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR)9,468 lbs.9,459 lbs.
Dry Weight (UVW)7,868 lbs.7,859 lbs.
Hitch Weight895 lbs.840 lbs.
Cargo Capacity (CCC)1,600 lbs.1,600 lbs.
Exterior Length25′ 2″25′ 2″
Exterior Height10′ 9″10′ 9″
Exterior Width82″82″
Max Sleeping Capacity23
Number of BedroomsIntegrated Bedroom, Living, and KitchenIntegrated Bedroom, Living, and Kitchen
Number of Bunk Beds01 (Convertible 29″ x 69″)
Number of Queen Size Beds1 (Convertible 60″ x 80″)1 (Convertible 60″ x 80″)
Number of King Size Beds00
Number of Convertible Beds1 Sleeper Tri-Fold Sofa Queen Bed1 Sleeper Tri-Fold Sofa Queen Bed
Number of Slides-Out00
Number of Bathrooms11
Bathroom TypeFull Dry BathroomFull Dry Bathroom
Shower Door TypeShower Fabric CurtainShower Fabric Curtain
Awning Size14′14′
Outdoor KitchenYesYes
Fresh Water Capacity76 gal.76 gal.
Grey Water Capacity30 gal.30 gal.
Waste/Black Water Capacity30 gal.30 gal.
Lockable StorageYesNo
Fishing Rod HolderYesNo
Entertainment Center39″ Smart TV24″ Smart TV
Palomino Pause Travel Trailers floor plans 20.2 & 20.3 – Find out more floor plans & specification details at https://www.palominorv.com/pause

Pause by Palomino Price

Palomino Pause is so new that for now is not possible to confirm a price. When the trailer was presented at the various shows since the end of 2022 and these first months of 2023, what is the price of the Palomino Pause was the most frequently asked question from all visitors.

At that time there was talk of around $100,000 and upwards of $100,000 but today the dealers are talking about $150,000. We will have to see how the market responds and if there is an American public ready to use and appreciate this type of vehicle. We are talking about a cost comparable to a luxury fifth wheel but with a completely different purpose.

How Much Is the Pause Trailer?

Depending on the state you are ordering and the dealer the price of the Pause trailer may vary from USD 148,000 to 165,000.

Walkthrough Video 2023 Palomino Pause Travel Trailer

Walkthrough Video 2023 Palomino Pause Travel Trailer

Walkthrough Video 2023 Palomino Pause Travel Trailer

Conclusion about Palomino Pause Travel Trailer

Discover the Palomino Pause Travel Trailer, the newest powerful off-road towable camper. An overland trailer is designed for independent travel to far-off places where the voyage itself is the main objective. The term “Pause” has significance in a society that aspires to calm and stillness.

The Pause solar package will enable you to camp off the trodden route for prolonged periods. An innovative air suspension system that will revolutionize the industry, and an exclusive Garmin System that will serve as the camper’s central nervous system.

Robust and Sturdy. You won’t have to worry about choosing the route less taken thanks to features like standard Composite walls, flooring, and roof. Good quality materials. No wood and no glass in this camper.

Both Palomino Pause Travel Trailer floor plans offer great outdoor enjoyment and great versatility and comfort. There does not seem to be a significant different price difference between the Palomino Pause floor plan 20.2 and 20.3. This camper is comfortable enough for 2 people and also allows you to enjoy a large meal cooked outside with more guests.

However, it is clear that the Palomino Pause Travel Trailer is aimed at a particular audience.

While the Palomino Pause Hiatus is a fairly heavy camper because of its stoutness and short length (25 feet), it remains towable as a travel trailer under 8000 lbs (dry weight) and 10,000 pounds (gross weight).

Without a doubt, the Palomino Pause Travel Trailer is the award-winning new product at every RV show in 2023. A robust, versatile, and smart camper that will undoubtedly revolutionize the market.

Palomino Pause Bunkhouse Travel Trailer Interlude XC20.4 Coming Soon!

It is impossible to think of not having a bunkhouse travel trailer floor plan, even if it is an off-road travel trailer. So, coming soon, be prepared for the 2023 Palomino Pause Interlude XC20.4: The Bunkhouse Travel Trailer of the Pause Campers.

Check out the floor plan below of the newest 2023 bunkhouse travel trailer of Palomino Pause RV.

2023 bunkhouse travel trailer Pause Interlude XC20.4
2023 Bunkhouse travel trailer Palomino Pause Interlude XC20.4

Pause Interval XC16.4 Travel Trailer Coming Soon

Palomino Pause Interval XC16.4 Travel Trailer Coming Soon

Off-road camper Pause Interval XC16.4 RV

360-Tour Palomino Pause XC20.3 Camper

Enjoy the 360-Tour of Palomino Pause Camper XC20.3 floorplan.

360-Tour Palomino Pause Camper XC20.3 floorplan

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