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Kimbo Camper Review 2023 Price & Weight

A Kimbo Camper is a midsize truck camper with a basic, lightweight design. These rigs are built to last and are made to be used in the great outdoors. Let’s look at what makes the Kimbo Campers so uniqueKimbo 6 Camper Review. How Much is a Kimbo Camper? Moreover, in this article updated in 2023, we have included some of the most frequently asked questions about the Kimbo Camper 6 series, Kimbo Camper cost for 2023, the Kimbo Camper weight (crucial to understanding whether you have enough payload capacity in your bed truck or not), and other questions that arise when buyers and users compare the Kimbo camper Vs Scout (for example) or with some upgrades in the Kimbo Camper 6 series. Lastly, let’s talk about the Kimbo Camper Bathroom (or we should say the absence, but the Kimbo Camper shower) and check some users’ Kimbo Camper reviews.

If you are not familiar with the Kimbo Campers, here is a brief presentation video with Mark King, the Kimbo Campers’ creator. After the video, I encourage you to continue reading to understand throughout this review if a Kimbo Camper is a suitable option for you and if it will meet your expectations.

Kimbo Camper Reviews: What Makes a Kimbo Camper So Unique, Kimbo Camper Weight, Price for 2023 and Features.

Kimbo 6 Camper Review: What Makes a Kimbo Camper So Unique, Kimbo Camper Weight and Price for 2023

Outdoor life has entered a new era with Kimbo Campers. The Kimbo Camper’s sturdy yet basic design has attracted the attention of truck camper fans. Buyers receive exactly what they want since they may select precisely the inside features they require.

Kimbo 6 Camper Review
Image Source kimboliving.com – Let’s look at what makes Kimbo Campers so uniqueKimbo 6 Camper Review. How Much is a Kimbo Camper? Starting at a $22,999 Base Price (for 2023), the Kimbo 6 Camper Series is an excellent value.

In the following paragraphs, you will find our Kimbo Camper ReviewKimbo 6 Camper Review.

Everyone has a camping style that best matches their personality and hobbies, as we all know. Some RVers like to travel in a huge motorhome to RV parks, while others prefer to go into the woods.

Others, on the other hand, want a tough camper to transport them to prime hunting and fishing spots. The Kimbo truck camper comes in in this situation. Let’s review the Pros of Kimbo Campers from other truck campers.

Kimbo Camper Reviews
Image Source kimboliving.comKimbo Camper Review: Kimbo 6 Camper Review: What Makes a Kimbo Camper So Unique, Kimbo Camper Weight and Price for 2023Pros of Kimbo Camper and Kimbo Camper Issues

Who Manufactures Kimbo Campers?

Kimbo Campers are made in Bellingham, Washington, from start to finish by kimboliving.com

Kimbo Camper Price: How Much Does a Kimbo Camper Cost?  What Does It Cost to Buy a Kimbo 6 Camper?

How Much Does a Kimbo Camper Cost?  How Much is a Kimbo Camper? Kimbo Camper Price: Starting at a $22,999 Base Price (Pricing as of 6 November 2023), the Kimbo 6 Camper Series is an excellent value.

Kimbo 6 Camper Price

For 2023, the prices of the Kimbo 6 Camper Series, according to the features of the Kimbo Camper 6 series reviewed, range between $22,999 and $40,999.

Image Source kimboliving.comKimbo Camper ReviewHow Much is a Kimbo Camper? The Kimbo 6 Camper Series is an excellent value.

Image Source kimboliving.com – Floorplan Kimbo 6 Camper ReviewHow Much Does a Kimbo Camper Cost?  Kimbo Camper Price: Starting at a $22,999 Base Price (Pricing as of 6 November 2023)

Kimbo Campers Standard Features

Kimbo Campers all come with three double-paned windows with screens and blackout blinds, which are wonderful design elements.

All Kimbo Campers come with a roof-vent fan with a skylight, LED lighting, and even some solar lights for the camper’s perimeter. A 12-volt sealed battery and 110-volt outlets with USB connections are also included for charging your different gadgets.

The Kimbo 6 Camper has retractable jack lifts that can be installed on the side of the truck with tie-down brackets, as well as a roof ladder on the side.

Over the vehicle is a 54″x75″ loft bed, as well as several cushioned lounging spaces.

A fully equipped Kimbo camper with all of those options, plus air conditioning, roof-mounted solar charging, internally organized bins, and other extras, costs $25,999 and weighs 1,187 pounds fully loaded​ with all options (540 kilograms), up from the $15K package’s essential weight of 930 pounds (422 kilograms).

The Kimbo Camper is a hip, tiny mobile office, multi-sport base lodge, and traveling hotel room, as well as a good old-fashioned truck camper, and it travels the world fully furnished.

Kimbo produces each of the 6 series midsize pickup campers to order. Later this year, the Bellingham, Washington-based firm aims to introduce a bigger 8 series variant for full-size trucks.

kimbo camper price
Image Source kimboliving.comKimbo 6 Camper ReviewsVersatile and Comfortable

Kimbo 6 Camper Pros

Kimbo Camper Advantages. The designers of the Kimbo Camper (one of them, Mark King) have sought to connect campers with nature and make outdoor living easier. The Kimbo Camper is recommended for those who love spending time outdoors and want to spend more time in nature in comfort.

Kimbo Campers are useful for weekend camping, docking, and full-time living and are great for off-roading.

Kimbo 6 Camper Review
Image Source kimboliving.comKimbo 6 Camper ReviewWell-Organized Kitchen

Advantages of the Kimbo 6 Camper include a durable, lightweight aluminum frame and design that maximizes interior space while keeping costs down. Another great advantage of the Kimbo Camper is that it allows boondocking and moochdocking. Last but not least, the Kimbo 6 Camper can include several features that provide modular options, R5 interior insulation, double-panel windows, and solar energy options.  There are also two-pane windows with screens and blackout curtains in this camper. On the outside, you’ll discover a propane storage bay, a 120V power outlet, solar perimeter lighting, a side ladder, and retractable jack lifts.

Kimbo Campers, when including a solar module as a feature, is perfect for boondockers.

Kimbo Camper Reviews
Image Source kimboliving.comKimbo 6 Camper ReviewSolar panels perfect for boondocking

The base model comes with only the most basic interior elements, making it ideal for weekend campers who only need a warm place to sleep. While Kimbo Campers lack the home feel of larger truck campers, they nonetheless manage to fit all of the necessities for an outdoor vacation into a space little under 11 feet long. You won’t feel claustrophobic because of the basic decor.

Another feature that distinguishes this adventure camper is the ability to customize each unit with different modules. If you frequently travel to hot locations, for example, an air conditioner is a good choice. Kimbo Camper, on the other hand, provides a gas fireplace if you spend most of your time in colder climates. Alternatively, you can always get both.

Kimbo Living
Image Source kimboliving.comKimbo 6 Camper Review

Let’s continue with our Kimbo 6 Camper Review.

Do Kimbo Campers Have Toilets?

Is there a toilet in the Kimbo Campers? No, there are no toilets for Kimbo campers. It’s also not an option. If necessary, a portable toilet (such as any Porta Potty) might easily fit into this area.

Kimbo Camper Bathroom

As explained above, none of the Kimbo Camper models (including all Kimbo Camper 6 Series) have a bathroom or toilet.

However, a recent addition worth considering especially for RVers choosing a Kimbo 6 for full-time living is the Kimbo Camper Shower (an optional shower for a price). Here we will agree with users and other Kimbo Camper Reviews who mention that the shower drain is not great and could be a weak point of the Kimbo 6 structure. We recommend users be aware of any situation that could clog this drain (the use of a shower drain hair catcher is highly recommended).

Portable toilets are a great option to add by yourself to a Kimbo Camper. Portable toilets for RVs are made by a number of well-known camping manufacturers, including Dometic. One may be had for as low as $150, making it a cost-effective aftermarket upgrade.

What Kind of Truck Do You Need for a Kimbo Camper? Kimbo 6 Camper Spec

To understand What Kind of Truck You Need for a Kimbo Camper we need to review the Spec of the Kimbo Camper and understand what is the payload capacity of your truck. The payload capacity of your truck is in the specification information, so first, you need to understand how much weight the bed of your truck can support (that’s the payload capacity).

The Kimbo 6 Camper base unit may be installed in almost any midsize vehicle. Popular models include Toyota Tacoma, Toyota Tundra, Chevrolet Colorado, Chevrolet Silverado, Ford Ranger, etc. With the tailgate down, it can even fit in a short-bed truck.

However, keep in mind that any add-ons and freight will add to the weight of this camper. Always double-check your vehicle’s specifications to ensure you’re towing safely.

Kimbo Camper Weight

What does it imply in terms of statistics that the Kimbo camper is lightweight and can fit on a medium truck? The dry weight of the Kimbo 6 Camper basic model is 1,020 lbs. It measures 78 inches in height, 77.25 inches in width, and 131 inches in length. 72.88 inches is the length of the unit that slips into the truck bed.

Kimbo Camper Weight: starts with a weight of 1,020 lbs (dry weight of the Kimbo 6 Camper basic model) and reaches up to 1,187 pounds when fully loaded​ with all options (wet weight).

Kimbo Camper Vs Scout
Image Source kimboliving.comKimbo 6 Camper ReviewWhat Kind of Truck Do You Need for a Kimbo Camper? Kimbo Camper Spec

Kimbo Camper Issues

Kimbo Camper Issues: Definitely, as in any truck camper, the problem can be space. Especially if there is more than 1 person, if the weather is not good (which limits going outside), let alone if there are children, it would be quite difficult, or if you are not used to living in a minimalist environment.

The kitchen sink size and kitchen layout are often mentioned as an issue by the Kimbo Camper reviews. However, it may be related to space. This is not a 30-foot-long travel trailer. You have to do some magic in a 6-foot-long truck camper.

I must clarify at this point that it is not a Kimbo Camper issue. It is rather a problem that the user(s) would have in any truck camper.

Kimbo Camper Issues: Some Kimbo 6 Campers’ shower users mentioned that the diameter of the drain is a bit thin and occlusions could occur. However, we believe that these can be easily avoided by being more careful.

Kimbo Camper Vs. Scout

Kimbo Camper Vs. Scout. In general, these are similar truck campers, so we will focus on the feedback received from the users of Scout Campers and Kimbo Campers.

Scout Campers owners mentioned problems with leaks and condensation due to heat transfer problems. The heating system of the Scout Camper, based on a marine heater, seems to be inadequate, generating condensation sources at floor level and close to the door if it is not properly insulated. Of course, these problems may be more or less evident to users depending on the type of use of the camper in question.

On the other hand, we should mention that the Scout Campers’ owners mentioned excellent customer service from Scout when they reported leaks, who have successfully resolved the problem.

Are Kimbo Campers Built to Last?

According to Kimbo, the Kimbo Campers are meant to outlive typical campers, be quickly repaired when damaged, and be extremely practical and customizable when the need arises.

A Kimbo Camper lacks the complex plumbing and electrical systems seen in larger truck bed units, so maintenance and repairs will be low. Furthermore, the aluminum structure is expected to last a long period.

Kimbo Campers might be an excellent choice if you want a minimalistic truck camper that’s as robust as it is cozy. You’ll have everything you need and nothing you don’t, whether you’re camping in the woods or at a campsite.

Kimbo Camper is a one-of-a-kind, inexpensive, adaptable, and full-value solution for people looking for a tough truck camper. It will undoubtedly allow you to go anywhere, in any weather, for a lengthy amount of time while being off-grid.

I hope you enjoy our Kimbo 6 Camper Review. Check out the Kimbo Camper brochure here and see the 6-foot Kimbo Camper pics. For more information: [email protected]

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