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Top 15 Old and New Retro Campers

Are you thinking about buying a retro vintage camper? You don’t have to buy an old camper these days to have the retro aesthetic you’ve always desired. There are travel trailer companies that have created and built retro-styled trailers, small campers, and small retro campers with current features and structures. A lot has changed since RVing’s inception, and this type of vacation now provides an increasing number of opportunities for mobile vacations through a wide range of models. However, several RV enthusiasts have succumbed to the allure of vintage models, and RV manufacturers have decided to cater to this customer segment by focusing on new retro campers and small retro campers.

Many RV devotees recognize that soft, easy-going lines, large windows, and stylish interiors are requirements that are difficult to find in modern RVs, and they are switching to old retro campers.

However, when it comes to the preservation and restoration of old and vintage campers, these enthusiasts have discovered a serious caveat: despite your best efforts to restore these retro campers, they are still retro vintage campers: heavy materials that are difficult to tow, the presence of asbestos, and more difficult to handle on the road. Take a peek at our list of the Top 15 Old and New Retro Campers, including small retro campers that we think you’ll enjoy. Nothing beats the classic aesthetic of a vintage camper, whether you’re looking for an RV rental or want to buy one. These vintage rides are popular because of their smooth lines, panoramic windows, and wild interiors.

Vintage campers, on the other hand, will always be vintage campers, no matter how beautifully they are restored. The solution: a retro-styled camper that mixes vintage design elements with modern conveniences. That is a new retro camper. They’re composed of lighter, more durable materials, have more modern interiors, and have better road handling.

What Is a Retro Camper?

A retro camper is a camper or travel trailer with vintage lines and characteristic curved, soft, and casual lines. Characterized by large windows and elegant interiors. There is nothing that beats the classic aesthetics of a vintage camper, whether you are looking to rent a camper or buy one. These vintage motorhomes or travel trailers are popular for their smooth lines, panoramic windows, and wild interiors. A retro camper can be an originally antique camper. In this case, you would be buying or renting a used retro camper. Or it can be a retro camper of recent manufacture but respecting the old lines with all the modern functionality and absolutely comfortable. In this case, it is possible to buy a new or slightly used retro camper.

top new retro campers and small retro vintage campers small retro campers
Small Retro Camper

Top New Retro Campers and Small Retro Vintage Campers

More information on each of our Top 15 Old and New Retro Campers, including small retro campers on our list, may be found below. Here is a list of Who Makes New Retro Campers

  1. New Retro Camper – Happier Camper HC1
  2. Retro Camper Shasta Airflyte
  3. Gidget Retro Teardrop Camper
  4. Riverside RV Retro
  5. Winnebago Brave
  6. CH Camper by CH Camper Company
  7. Dub Box USA Dinky
  8. TAG & TAB Teardrops by nuCampRV
  9. Vintage Cruiser by Gulf Stream Coach Inc
  10. Heartland Terry Classic
  11. Barefoot Camper by nuCampRV
  12. Airstream Bambi
  13. Egg Campers (Scamp/Casita/Fiberglass)
  14. Lo Liner model by Aristocrat Campers – Old Retro Camper
  15. Serro Scotty – Old Retro Camper

Specifications are subject to change; check the manufacturers’ or dealers’ websites for the most up-to-date information. Prices are based on average prices reported on RV traders and may differ from what you see in the store.

New Retro Campers #1 – Happier Camper HC1

Let’s check out this small retro camper. The Happier Camper is a modern fiberglass camper with a nostalgic design of a retro vintage camper. It has an innovative modular interior system that allows you to add functionality to the interior by using pre-designed cubes.

The Happier Camper HC1 is a small retro camper that is new and modern.

new retro campers happier camper hc1
New Retro Campers: Happier Camper HC1

With its contemporary appearance, the Happier Camper is aimed at the younger population. A dirt bike, mountain bike, or even a kayak can easily fit within. Smaller SUVs and automobiles may easily pull it.

The Happier Camper has a lot of features that we like. We believe that the modular structure lends itself nicely to almost any floor configuration.

The HCT, a new Happier Camper vintage model, was recently added. The HCT is the HC1’s older sibling. There are two separate living areas, as well as a bathroom and kitchenette. It may appear to be a vintage camper, but it has all of the modern amenities you’d expect.

The appearance is similar to the canned ham campers. If you’re looking to go from tent camping to glamping, either of these options could be ideal.

We’d go with the Happier Camper Traveler if we had to pick one. It’s a roomier, more comfortable camper with an Adaptiv bathroom and kitchenette built-in. They’re not cheap, and they’re nowhere near as cheap as a secondhand retro camper, but they’re built to last.

The Happier Camper HC1 is my favorite retro camper. I updated the article with new models, but my preference has not changed.

#2 Retro Campers Shasta Airflyte

Small retro campers: Shasta Airflyte is a company based in Shasta, California.

This limited edition is a replica of their 1961 model Shasta Airflyte, manufactured by Shasta RV: the colors of this limited edition are yellow, green, and red.

Most units will be sold by 2019, but you can rent or buy one on this website and at Mount Comfort RV. There are some models, but because it is a limited edition, they do not have this model in their future manufacturing forecast. This one is for Shasta RV enthusiasts.

shasta camper boondocking

The Retro Camper Shasta in matador red, seafoam green, or butternut yellow, get your hands on a limited edition reproduction of the famous 1961 Shasta Airflyte. There were only 2,000 made, and Mount Comfort RV still has a few. Get yours now, before they’re all gone!

retro campers shasta camper
Retro Camper Shasta

#3 Gidget Teardrop Retro Campers

This one-of-a-kind retro teardrop camper is definitely unique. The Gidget Retro Teardrop Camper is another example of a small retro camper.

The cabin capacity is virtually doubled thanks to the front slide. There’s also a full kitchen in the back, as well as a solar panel, skylight, and other amenities. A fantastic find from the past! There are plenty of options on retro teardrop campers, as you can see below.

#4 Between the Retro and Intrepid brands, Riverside RV is an option for Retro RVs

The Retro Riverside RV options cover different models: 511, 135, and the newest 171, 179,190BH. With an eye-catching retro exterior, different color options, and an incredible interior, the America’s Vintage Travel Trailer made by Riverside RV is a great new retro camper option.

Are you looking for a complete collection of retro-themed trailers? White Water Retro is a Riverside RV in LaGrange, Indiana, that has retro teardrop campers and travel trailers, a hybrid model with a tent slide, and a variety of single and double axel towable.

The Riverside RV Retro camper trailer is designed to look like a vintage travel trailer. It screams the 1950s and 1960s, from the whitewall tires to the red and-white color scheme. There are 14 floor plans to choose from, including a travel trailer toy hauler.

It has a microwave, Bluetooth radio with inside and outside speakers, wood inside, USB connections, and many other modern conveniences.

Riverside RV Retro is, without a doubt, one of the favorite vintage camper trailers. It has not just that lovely vintage RV camper style, but it also features just about everything you’ll need for a great vacation.

This retro travel trailer comes in a variety of variants, all of which have the same lovely vintage aesthetic. They cost a little more than standard campers, but we believe they are well worth it if you want that classic retro camper style.

From the Riverside RV lineup, the Retro 193 is our favorite. Just for some features, there is a walk-around bed that converts to a retro red-fire sofa, the shower and toilet are separate, and the kitchen and full-size fridge are generous. The Retro 193’s specifications are listed below.

#5 Winnebago Brave

I chose to introduce this motorhome to the readers as well. Retro campers are included informally in the category of Class A RVs. Winnebago, a legendary brand, has unveiled these Brave models, which honorably keep the historical taste.

This one, which has lately been updated, is now my favorite retro camper. If a Class A motorhome is more your style, we have the right vehicle for you. There isn’t a more recognizable name in the world of road trips than Winnebago. The new Winnebago Brave brilliantly captures that retro atmosphere. On the outside, it has a classic style, while on the inside, it has modern comfort. Where do we put our signatures?

winnevago boondocking walmart moochdocking arkansas
Old Retro Campers and Small Retro Campers

#6 CH Camper by CH Camper Company

This CH Camper is a retro camper trailer that can be towed by practically any car due to its weight of roughly 1210 pounds, so there aren’t too many concerns concerning towing capabilities. It’s also quite short, measuring only ten feet in length.

This top retro camper on our retro campers list is incredibly affordable. It comes with the option of purchasing it without any appliances, giving you the freedom to reconstruct and customize it as you see fit.

This antique canned ham travel trailer is an excellent choice because it is small but powerful. This vintage rig, which is only 10 feet long and weighs 1200 pounds, can be pulled by nearly any vehicle. It comes with and without appliances, allowing you to personalize your camper.

# 7 Dub Box Campers: The Retro Campers Dinky Dub Pop-Up Travel Trailer

The Dinky Dub is the ultimate pop-up travel trailer like the full-size Dub Box Campers. It is entirely manufactured in the United States. Fiberglass construction makes it easy to haul and lightweight. Although it has a vintage Volkswagen design, Volkswagen is unrelated to this project.

This is one of our vintage campers that can also be utilized as a retail store or a towable office. This is something Dub Box urges you to do as well. I strongly advise you to go to their website. photo courtesy of dub-box-usa.com. The Dub Box is made entirely of fiberglass, making it both lightweight and vintage-looking.

The Dinky Dub is their take on a teardrop trailer, complete with modern conveniences and a vintage VW design. The Dinky comes with a custom-made Queen mattress, and you may also add an outdoor kitchen.

top new retro campers and small retro vintage campers dinky dub pop-up retro travel trailer dub box campers
Dinky Dub – The ultimate pop-up retro travel trailer by Dub Box Campers

The Dinky comes with a custom-made Queen mattress, and you may also add an outdoor kitchen.

Privacy window shutters, roof racks, A/C heater combos, portable coolers, and many other choices are available. They also produce an empty Dinky that may be used as a toy hauler or to store business supplies.

#8 TAG & TAB Teardrops by nuCampRV

Are you looking for something small? Teardrop trailers are wonderful tables with a lot of features.

Many RV enthusiasts might think the TAG & TAB Teardrops by nuCampRV are just small retro campers elementary with a bed. However, in the TAG & TAB Teardrops, there’s a kitchen, wet bath, convertible bed, air conditioning, and more.

small teardrop new retro campers

How did they do it? We’re not sure, but a teardrop could appear on any of your next travels. It’s ideal for a quick getaway or a longer stay!

TAB 400 Solo

#9 Vintage Cruiser by Gulf Stream Coach Inc.

The Gulf Stream Coach Inc. Vintage Cruiser is a retro camper that embodies the fun-loving spirit of the 1950s. It has a one-piece laminated roof and laminated wall structure. It has a low weight and is quite aerodynamic. You get cutting-edge features in a design that harkens back to the 1950s’ joyful mood and easy way of life.

Vintage exterior graphics, moon hubcaps, a stainless steel microwave, and a 2-burner stove with a cover are also included. Inside, you’ll find a traditional camper drape kit and your choice of four interior color schemes.

During the 2020 OKC RV and Boat Show, my wife and I were able to take a tour of a Vintage Cruiser. We were immediately enamored with the interior.

Because the shower is on one side of the camper and the toilet and vanity are across the aisle, the 19ERD is our favorite Vintage Cruiser model. The queen bed has room on both sides, so you won’t have to jump over your partner to use the restroom in the middle of the night.

#10 Heartland Terry Classic

The 2019 model is the most recent year of production I can discover for the Heartland Terry Classic, indicating that it was released in late 2018.

I haven’t seen anything about a 2020 model, so it’s possible it’s no longer being produced.

In terms of appearance, I’m divided between thinking of it as a classic camper or a messed-up futuristic camper.

Although there is a lot of gleaming aluminum and a boxy design that reminds me of a vintage camper, the large Airstream-style panoramic front glass throws me off.

The large front bay window is quite lovely and gives the camper a fantastic 50’s throwback flair.

#11 New Retro Campers: Barefoot Camper

The Barefoot Camper by nuCampRV is a new retro-styled modern camper. It has a hand-crafted fiberglass shell and is available in a variety of colors.

The inside, which includes a kitchen, bathroom, sofa, wardrobes, and storage, can be customized to your preference.

It is extremely easy to tow because of its lightweight, sleek, and aerodynamic design. NuCampRV will introduce the Barefoot to the United States in 2020~2021, according to Barefoot Caravan.

#12 Small Retro Campers: Airstream Bambi

Let’s review small retro campers. Isn’t a classic Airstream about as retro as it gets? Many of us visualize pulling one of these aluminum beauties around when we think about camping and travel.

The Airstream Bambi model is a small retro camper. Expect nothing less than luxury with this 16′ Sport – every detail has been meticulously conceived and constructed. The Airstream Bambi travel trailer can accommodate up to three people.

Small Retro Campers

#13 Egg Campers (Scamp/Casita/Fiberglass)

Other small retro campers. Egg campers are coming back. All of these vintage campers have a similar look about them. Some people adore Scamps, while others adore Casita.

A fiberglass egg camper is ideal if you want something easy to tow while also providing plenty of comfort. Because its exogenous hasn’t altered much over the years, even new ones have a lot of new vintage retro camper charm.

Although there is no information on their website, if you are interested in a new egg camper, I would suggest sending an e-mail to contact them (www.eggcamper.com)

new retro campers small retro camper egg camper
Egg Camper – New Retro Campers – Small Retro Campers

#14 Lo Liner model by Aristocrat Campers – Old Retro Campers

Irving Perch invented the Aristocrat camper in 1956. The last unit was delivered in 1974. The Lo Liner was one of the earliest models because, with the optional metal wheels, it could easily fit in a home garage.

The Lo Liner model by Aristocrat Campers was marketed as a multi-purpose vacation trailer that could be used all year. It included everything you needed, including a bed, dining table, refrigerator, stove, and sofa. There were ten models available from Aristocrat. More information here

#15 – The Legendary Old Retro Campers Serro Scotty Travel Trailer by John Serro

Behind the scenes of the Scotty Serro retro camper, there is a great American dream story worth telling. After selling his Dodge dealership in Irwin, Pennsylvania, John Serro, the creator of the Serro Scotty Travel Trailer Company in Irwin, Pennsylvania, began working in 1956. John, one of ten children, aided his mother, who worked as a miner in the area.

When John was a teenager, tragedy struck the Serro family when their home was destroyed by fire, and they had no insurance and no money.

In addition, before the fire, John had lost his father. John was able to accumulate enough money to operate a car dealership, selling Dodge and Plymouth cars. He did so well in Irwin that he was able to open two more stores. However, in 1956, he sold them all and retired to take it easy.

John could not sit idle after a lifetime of hard labor; therefore, retirement was not an option for him. His ambition was to create travel trailers. The name “recreational vehicle” or “RV” had not yet been invented, and there were few RVs on the road at the time.

John wanted to make something that was both lightweight and economical so that everyone could enjoy camping. John began by constructing a 16-foot travel trailer. He created a total of 19 of them, the first of which may be found at Scottyland Campground in Rockwood, Pennsylvania. He constructed them in his two-car garage, which was adjacent to his barn. They were sold to local traders by John. The recreational vehicle he designed, however, was still excessively hefty.

The first 10-foot trailers were made in the garage and barn in 1957 after John went back to the drawing board and created a 10-foot trailer (instead of 16). They built about 200 of these, and some of them are still in use today. Dealers would buy these as novelty items to display on their lots in the hopes of luring customers in for a larger unit. They were drawn to the small 10-footer, but it wasn’t what John had in mind; he couldn’t see himself making thousands of these.

serro scotty travel trailers retro campers

John went back to the drawing board, sketching out a modest 13-foot trailer with a stove, sink, fridge, couch, and small dinette in his camp. All of this fits into a 13-foot space that can sleep four people. He took that initial trailer to a trailer show, where it was a hit with the public and dealers alike, and orders were placed on the spot. John had no factory, only a garage, and a barn. His snazzy brochures gave the impression that he had a large factory where the RVs were manufactured. Because he didn’t have a factory and didn’t want the dealers to know, John’s rule was to deliver all trailers to the dealers.

silver sportsman scotty sportsman scotty serro scotty travel trailer

When one of John’s dealers discovered out, he never placed another order with him. With his business growing, John realized he needed a larger facility, so he established the first of three Scotty Trailer facilities in Irwin, Pennsylvania, right next to his house and barn in 1959.

At the time, John only had 5 employees, one of whom created the Scotty Club with part of the trailers.

John envisioned a campsite dedicated solely to Scotty Trailers and their owners and families.

John and Anne, his wife, purchased 300 acres in Somerset County in December 1961, and the campground opened in 1962. Scottyland Campground was originally only for Scotty Trailers, but later in the 1980s, it was expanded to other brands. Everyone admired and respected John Serro because he was a kind and good-hearted man. The campers worked together and assisted John in establishing the campground as a huge family. For a small business, John went above and beyond for his customers and concessionaires.

serro scotty tonga sportsman lite

The Scotty Serro travel trailer is not a new retro camper. Until 1997, the Serro family built the caravans.

Serro Scotty Worldwide was founded in 2006 by William “Bill” Kerola, President of The Kerola Group, with the firm belief that a compact, affordable caravan was once again in demand. Kerola’s goal to bring back legendary travel trailers led to the production of seven models, the most popular of which were the Scotty Lite, Sportsman, and HiLander.

serro scotty retro campers small retro vintage campers

The Scotty Lite was designed to be a modern take on the classic teardrop. The Scotty Lite was a 4-cylinder car that allowed you to use your smallest car. With a weight of only 960 pounds and a tongue weight of 90 pounds, this tiny guy could fit into most garages.

serro scotty lite small retro vintage campers small retro campers
Serro Scotty LITE – Small Retro Campers

Scotty Trailers is a company that specializes in trailers. The 13′ and 15′ Sportsman were added to the worldwide lineup. These models revived the golden age of travel trailers with a classic look, bringing the fun back to camping. The Sportsman included a lot of features that allowed you to sleep peacefully.

The Sportsman had plenty of amenities to sleep three people comfortably, including a single front bed and a full-size back bunk, as well as Scotty’s unique drop floor that provided 6’1 center headroom.

Scotty’s new collection was built around the HiLander. These Scotty trailers, like the Sportsman, were more than just a recreational vehicle, but a way of life.

serro scotty pup serro scotty hylander

The HiLander is a place where legendary style meets everyday living, along with all of the conveniences of home.

serro scotty hilander

On those late-night walks, having a shower and toilet combo came in handy. With a single bed in the front and a full bed in the back, plus an upper bunk, it was designed to comfortably sleep four people. The Hilander was ideal for family excursions.

top new retro campers and small retro vintage campers

Summary of Retro Campers

Who says you can’t have a wonderful assortment of vintage campers built with current materials and features? There seems to be a longing to return to the “good old days” of RVing these days, and these vintage-inspired campers will take you there.

Most of these campers will cost more than standard travel trailers, so keep that in mind when you start hunting for one. When you consider the distinctive styling, retro look, and modern facilities, we believe the price is well worth it.

If you’re looking for used retro campers or an older vintage travel trailer, keep in mind that it can need a lot of work. On the internet, there are some good resources for restoring a vintage camper. Other stores specialize in antique camper restorations and stock components, as well as bespoke manufacturer parts in some cases.

Hope you enjoy this article about our list of the Top 15 Old and New Retro Campers.

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retro camper boondocking in the beach

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