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14 RV Storage Ideas: Optimize the Space in Your Camper

Space in an RV is limited and must be maximized. However, it may seem quite challenging, particularly in some areas, such as the kitchen and the bathroom. Over the years, I have learned to optimize and properly arrange everything in our RV. In this article, I talk about the best RV storage ideas I successfully found that work perfectly for decluttering and organizing a camper, both outdoors and indoors. Of course, I will mention some products to optimize space in the kitchen and bathroom of the RV.

At first, when we bought our first RV, I wanted to carry as much stuff as I had in my house, but it became difficult and, at the same time, very messy. In addition to optimizing space with unique products, it is essential not to carry unnecessary things. Continue reading to find out the best RV storage ideas.

RV Storage Ideas for Kitchen

I like to have several knives for cooking in my kitchen, but in an RV, it can be a bit of a hassle. Also, since I like fishing, I always carry other knives, such as a fillet knife. Fortunately, I found over the years good products to optimize and declutter the space in the kitchen of our RV. These are the best RV storage ideas for the kitchen.

Magnetic Knife Holder

With a magnetic knife holder, you can save space in your kitchen drawers. These knife holders are very easy to install in any RV and help to save a lot of space. In all the trips we have made, and even though we have been on bad roads, no knife has ever fallen out of the knife holder.

rv storage ideas for kitchen magnetic knife holder
Modern Innovations 16 Inch Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Bar with Multi-Purpose Functionality as a Knife Holder, Knife Strip, Magnetic Tool Organizer, Art Supply Organizer & Home Organizer
  • ★Powerful Magnetic Knife Bar: This modern magnetic knife bar is made from strong magnets and covered in elegant, satin finished, high grade stainless steel, accenting any kitchen décor.

Hidden Under Table Desk Drawer for RV Booth Dinette

In your RV table, you can use these drawers under the booth dinette table. They are easy to install and will allow you to store small things. These drawers are cheap and can store kitchen utensils or small electronic items such as chargers and cables.

In our camper, we have these drawers installed on both sides of the table, and we store various things that are often needed, such as cell phone chargers and some cutlery. You won’t regret having these small drawers that will optimize your RV space.

LuluEasy 4 Pack Under Desk Drawer Self-Adhesive Hidden Desktop Organizer, Attachable Desk Drawer Slide Out, Table Storage Tray for Pencil Pen Stationery Home Office Organization, Large White
  • Made of high quality ABS material and enhanced mesh acrylic glue. It’s strong and durable. Easy to install under desk. Size: L 8inch * W 6inch * H 2inch

Spice Gripper

Save space in your cabinets and drawers with these spice grippers. Those who like to cook and prepare gourmet meals in their camper like to have as many spices as possible on their trips, but having a lot of spices takes up space. With these simple and economical spice grippers, you will optimize space in your RV. I consider this product a good RV storage idea for the kitchen.

spice gripper rv storage
Bellemain Spice Gripper Clip Strips for Plastic Jars – Set of 3, Holds 12 Jars
  • MAKES IT EASY TO SAVE SPACE AND STAY ORGANIZED: Do you have a drawer full of spices or a jumble of jars on a kitchen shelf? Spice Gripper Clip Strips hold each individual spice jar so even rarely used spices are easy to find.

Magma Nesting Pots and Pans

If there is one thing that takes up a lot of space in an RV, it is pots and pans. Of course, they are essential items to have in the kitchen of any camper, but they take up a lot of space. Fortunately, there are nested pots and pans that take up very little space.

In our RV years ago, we bought a nesting pot kit, and this saved us a lot of space. Just imagine that one pot fits all the other pots, even the frying pans. We currently use a 10-piece nesting cookware set. With one of these kits, you will be able to cook everything you want on your travels.

magma nesting pot pans kitchen rv

Collapsible Kettle

This is one of the best RV storage ideas for the kitchen that we recently acquired. Having a collapsible kettle saves a lot of space in the camper because you can put it in any drawer. We used to have an electric kettle that took up too much space on our kitchen counter. This foldable electric kettle boils water in a few minutes and is BPA-Free.

collapsible kettle for camper rv
AUCOO Collapsible Travel Kettle Electric Portable Foldable Kettle for Boiling Water, Suitable for 110V & 220V Dual Voltage, for Tea & Coffee, 850W Small Mini BPA-free Silicone Blue
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AUCOO Collapsible Travel Kettle Electric Portable Foldable Kettle for Boiling Water, Suitable for 110V & 220V Dual Voltage, for Tea & Coffee, 850W Small Mini BPA-free Silicone Blue
  • 【Dual Voltage Compatibility】Discover the ultimate travel companion with our AUCOO Travel Electric Kettle. Portable and collapsible, this kettle is perfect for hot beverages and boiling water on-the-go. With dual voltage compatibility and intelligent automatic voltage adjustment, it’s suitable for use in 110V and 220V countries.

Collapsible Dish Drying Rack

Another collapsible product that will allow you to save a lot of space in the kitchen of your RV. A collapsible dish drying rack allows you to save space because when you are not using it, you can easily store it in a drawer. BPA-free and food-grade.

collapsible dish drying rack for rv
THANSTAR Collapsible Dish Drying Rack Portable Dinnerware Drainer Organizer for Kitchen RV Campers Travel Trailer Space Saving Kitchen Storage Tray
  • 【Food Grade Material】Made from eco-friendly PP+TPR material that is BPA Free and Food-Grade. The flexible material allows the dish strainers for kitchen counter to collapse flat for easy space-saving and storage, making the most of your kitchen countertop.

RV Storage Ideas for Bathroom

The most limited space in almost any RV is the bathroom, which is why it is critical to optimize the space in an RV bathroom as much as possible. Luckily, there are several options to optimize the space of a bathroom in a camper as best as possible. Here are the best RV storage ideas for bathroom.

Wall-Mounted Soap and Shower Dispenser

No more having multiple containers in the shower or bathroom taking up unnecessary space that is so valuable in an RV. With one of these dispensers, you can keep your shampoo, soap, and conditioner on the wall without having to have three containers. Economical and easy to install, this product is a must-have in your RV bathroom.

rv storage ideas for bathroom soap and shower dispenser

Over The Door Towel Rack

A towel rack above the bathroom door of your RV will save you a lot of space that towels take up. We like to use thick cotton towels, and these towels take up too much cabinet space. Using one of these towel racks will save space in your RV.

The back of a door is an excellent way to save and optimize space in an RV. You’ll find a variety of these door hangers and see how easy it is to install. For example, the hanger we use does not require any tools to install it.

Wall-Mounted Containers

To finalize the best camper storage ideas for the bathroom, I consider that you need to have wall-mounted containers to save space. Wall-mounted containers are very beneficial for saving space in a camper, especially in those campers with a small bathroom.

MOSUNKA Self Adhesive Wall Mounted Storage Box Bathroom Makeup Wall Organizer White Pen Holder Remote Cellphone Holders for Bedroom Home Decor Kicthen Room 2Pcs
  • 【Wall Mounted】➤Transforms the wasted space on the wall into a spacious storage area.With a strong adhesive pad,very easy to stick it on the wall or locker,whiteboard,cubicle,filing cabinet,refrigerator.Take the clutter of stationery and office supplies away from your desk and store them tidily in our wall hanging organizers and save space.

RV Storage Ideas Interior

For other parts of an RV interior, there are many ways to optimize space. There are ways to organize clothing and footwear in such a way that saves space in RV closets that are much smaller than those in a conventional home. Here are some RV storage ideas that will allow you to save a lot of space in your camper.

Wall Mounted Shoes Rack

A wall-mounted shoe rack will allow you to save a lot of space in an RV. These wall-mounted shoe racks are easy to install and can accommodate even very large shoes. We have these shoe racks placed at the bottom of the bed on each side. This way, we can have a lot of shoes in a small space.

rv storage ideas interior wall mounted shoes rack

Collapsible, Clear Storage Bags

These storage containers come in 6-packs and have a transparent window to view the contents of the container quickly. Organize your clothes easily and optimize your RV’s closet space. You can also use these containers to store all sorts of other things you can think of.

I found these collapsible totes particularly useful when RV traveling from cold areas with extreme temperatures to the heat of Florida. They have been very useful on long trips and seasons when we live full-time in the RV to accumulate and store unused winter clothing during the summer. This way, we free up the small closets of the RV and take advantage of the space.

storage bags camper
Lifewit Clothes Storage Bag Foldable Storage Bin Closet Organizer with Reinforced Handle Sturdy Fabric Clear Window for Sweaters, Coats, T-shirts, Blankets, 3 Pack, Gray
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Lifewit Clothes Storage Bag Foldable Storage Bin Closet Organizer with Reinforced Handle Sturdy Fabric Clear Window for Sweaters, Coats, T-shirts, Blankets, 3 Pack, Gray
  • Portable Design: This clothes storage bag, with its perfect size and double-sided handle is designed with portability in mind. Apart from using it in closets, you can also use it for shelving, in student dorms, etc.

Fridge Organizers

Optimizing RV refrigerator storage space is critical because RV refrigerators are not very large. It is also good to have everything in organizers to prevent stuff from moving around inside the refrigerator if you drive on roads that are not in good condition. These refrigerator organizers are plastic and wash easily. Select a refrigerator organizer that best suits your refrigerator and needs.

fridge organizers for camper rv
ZIJUND 14 Pack Fridge Organizer, Stackable Refrigerator Organizer Bins with Lids, BPA-Free Fridge Organizers and Storage Containers for Fruit, Vegetable, Food, Drinks, Cereals, Clear
  • 🌽Stackable Refrigerator Organizer Bins with Lids: 14 pack fridge organizer make your refrigerators neater and save a lot of space. Its super clear materials helps to easily find out the food. Perfect to organize your fridge, kitchen, pantry and drawer. (Each container has a lid.)

RV Storage Ideas Exterior

It is also important to optimize the exterior space of an RV, all space is precious in an RV. I have two excellent products to recommend for the exterior of an RV. These are the best RV storage ideas exterior.

Waterproof RV Hose Bag Storage

I consider these waterproof RV hose bags to be exterior because they always travel in the exterior storage compartment of our RV. Plus, when we arrive at any campground, I leave them out outdoors underneath the RV. They are essential to keep the hoses organized, and best of all, they are waterproof to avoid getting other things in the basement wet.

DanDee 4-PACK Waterproof RV Hose Bag Storage, RV Utility Bag, Sewer Hose Bag, RV Accessories Bag, store your Water Hose, Black Hose, Electrical, and RV Accessories with our Colored Storage Bags!
  • ✅ – The DanDee RV Utility Bags – the #1 brand in RV Storage Bags out there, for all of those RV storage complications, ask your friends!

RV Adjustable EZ Hose Carrier

I don’t use this hose holder as a hose holder because I already have the aforementioned bags for that purpose. However, I found this very useful for my fishing rods. I put my fishing rods in this hose holder, and this way, they don’t take up space in any closet or interior of the RV. It is very easy to install and adapts to any model of RV or camper.

rv storage ideas exterior adjustable hose carrier
Valterra A04-5094BK RV Adjustable EZ Hose Carrier with Lockable Door Cap, Black
  • RV HOSE CARRIER: Fits most 3″ drain hoses and fittings with the exception of one-piece 90-degree sewer fittings.Fit Type: Universal Fit

Final Conclusions

All of these RV storage ideas did not come about overnight and are part of many years of using an RV and trying to optimize space. Some of these brilliant ideas for more space in an RV came from talking to other RV owners on our countless trips.

If you have other excellent RV storage ideas, and they are not mentioned here, feel free to contact us. I hope this article about RV storage ideas will be useful and you will be able to optimize as much as possible space in your RV.

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