Pop Up Camper Weights

pop up camper weights

If you’re in the market for a pop up camper, you might be wondering about the weight of these campers. Pop up campers can vary in weight, but most campers fall in the range of 1000 to 3000 lbs. In this article, we deep dive into all about Pop Up Camper Weights. Also, we include …

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How to Winterize a Coachmen Freedom Express

how to winterize a coachmen freedom express

As winter approaches, many RVers begin to think about how they should winterize their campers, especially when is a small travel trailer. If you own a Coachmen Freedom there are some specific things you need to do to make sure your travel trailer is ready for the cold weather, whether you are going to use …

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Mounting A TV In An RV Bedroom

How To Mount A Tv In An RV Bedroom

When we are in a motorhome, travel trailer, fifth wheel, pop-up camper, or any camper, there is one place where we definitely need a television: the bed. I’ll go so far as to say that there’s nothing more relaxing about living in an RV than enjoying a good movie in bed. Even though I love …

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How to Mount a TV in a Travel Trailer

If you’re looking to mount a television in your trailer, you’ll need to know the right way How to Mount a TV in a Travel Trailer, to protect your investment, and not be drilling holes that you need to cover later. This guide will show you to choose the right TV mount for a travel …

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How to Mount a TV on the Wall Without Studs

Mounting a TV may be difficult, but mounting a TV without studs might be considerably more difficult. Often, we find a situation where one spot seems perfect to place a TV, close to the electrical outlet, right angle, comfortable height, but when we inspect the wall there are no studs. That happens a lot when …

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How to Winterize a Rockwood Pop-Up Camper

how to winterize a rockwood pop up camper

As winter approaches, many RVers begin to think about how they will winterize their RVs, especially when is a pop-up camper. If you own a Forest River Rockwood pop up camper (Freedom series, High Wall series, Rockwood Roo, Rockwood Ultra Lite, etc.), there are some specific things you need to do to make sure your …

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How to Stay Warm in a Pop Up Camper in Winter

how to stay warm in a pop up camper

As I have already mentioned on other occasions, I have a great fondness for pop-up campers. I would say that always. Maybe because of my tight budget and the advantages of looking for something light, my first RV was a pop-up camper. Then, as the family grew, we moved to a larger and more comfortable …

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How To Charge A Deep Cycle RV Battery

how to charge a deep cycle rv battery

In this article, I will explain the two simplest ways to charge a deep cycle RV battery. The methods I will explain here allow you to take care of the life of the Deep Cycle RV Battery and are under the safe practices proposed by the manufacturers. Let’s see How To Charge A Deep Cycle …

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How To Heat A Camper Without Electricity

How to Winterize an RV in Alaska

We must now analyze a reoccurring scenario in our RV life. We are not constantly hook-up to the power when RV traveling or living in the RV. Sometimes we don’t have enough power to do all we want, or we wish to preserve energy. Even when we are boondocking, we often do not have the …

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