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Welcome to the Camper Outdoor Website. In this “About Us” section, you will find why this website exists, who is behind every article, and why you should join and connect with us! CamperOutdoor.com was born as a personal project of John Smith (RVer engineer with more than 30 years of experience manufacturing, designing, and traveling with his family across the USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and even North Africa) to share personal experiences, guidance, concerns, tips, and news.

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In 2021, efforts joined Ward Greenway, a legendary RVer well-known in Australia and New Zealand, to jump-start this website for the benefit of our readers. Ward has more than 20 years of experience as an RV Design Engineering Specialist and Boat mechanical engineer manufacturing specialist.

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Between them, they have some 50 years of experience and counting!

John Smith and Ward Greenway provide expert advice for purchase and pre-delivery inspection (RV PDI). To book an assessment service, please check out the contact section.

In addition, on CamperOutdoor.com, you will get the best posts, reviews, and new RV releases from collaborators and acquaintances who help us review new RV floor plans and share boondocking experiences and RV full-time living. Moreover, the friends made through these years, comments of readers, and RV-owners share their knowledge of trips and RV travel with extensive experience on this topic.

Also, CamperOutdoor searches for the guidance of experts in RV financing and the appraisal value of new and used campers. Improve your credit score fast with our expert tips and guidance. Our website offers proven strategies for increasing your credit score quickly, from fixing errors on your credit report to paying down debt and more.

To maximize the enjoyment of the outdoors, there is one section dedicated to boats and outboard boat engines.

Our Vision

We believe in living dreams rather than dreaming life. We believe that family travel opens the door to the magic of seeing the world through the eyes of a child. We feel that traveling is consubstantial to life, that another way of traveling is possible, and that doing it with our children is the best way to establish bonds and indestructible memories with them. Whether you are in a camper working and full-time living or just enjoying a weekend, we seek to give you the best and most useful tips possible so that you can enjoy every moment 100%.

Thanks to our readers, today we can offer much more than when we started!

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Some of the sections you may be interested in:

About the Content at CamperOutdoor.com

The Ultimate RV and Boat Buyers Guide: Everything You Need to Know to Select Your Ideal Camper Home and Enjoy the Best Boats on the Market. Guidance on towing capacities and payload capacities.

What to Know Before Buying an RV. A Review of the Best Travel Trailers, Pop-Up Campers, Fifth Wheels, Motorhomes, Campers, and all kinds of Recreational Vehicles.

General Knowledge Section

How-Tos reparations for your camper and DIY projects, including upgrades.

RV Financing

Unlock the Secrets to Financing Your Dream RV: A Comprehensive Guide to Increasing Your Credit Score Quickly, Obtaining an RV Loan, and Securing Your Dreamed Future on the Road.

RV Rental Tips

Share Insider RV Rental Tips: Your Ultimate Roadmap to Your Next Memorable Camper Adventure.

RV Travel Tips and Best RV Parks

Reveal Insider RV Travel Knowledge: A Skilled Guide to Effortless and Memorable Trips.

About Us and the Newest Team Members

Amy, Ryan, and Eric recently joined the CamperOutdoor.com Team! Welcome to the challenge of providing our readers with the best experience and advice! Together, we already have more than 100 years of experience!

Thanks to our readers! We continue to grow thanks to them.

about us at camperoutdoor.com
Amy, Ryan, and Eric recently joined the CamperOutdoor.com Team.

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You may find some articles where we recommend specific products to repair or improve the RV (such as RV hacks, gear, RV roof sealant, TV mounts for RVs, etc.). These are all products we love to keep using, and we have no complaints! When you purchase those products using our affiliate links included within our articles, we may receive (or not) a small commission at no additional cost to you. Nevertheless, advertisers do not influence our preferences, and an independent process reviews the product. Read more on the Camper Outdoor Affiliate Disclosure page.

Commissions allow us to grow this site and organize photo contests with prizes and raffles!

Also, CamperOutdoor.com is not a partnership or engaged with any manufacturer. When we provide a review, it is through an independent review process of products for RVs and RVs, boats, etc.


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For your own safety, as well as the safety of other drivers, confirm towing capacities before you start on the road. If necessary, get professional help.