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What Does “NaN Miles” Mean? Explained For All Vehicles

Recently Tom F., a reader from Sarasota, wrote to us because he was looking to buy a used motorhome and found in several publications that said “NaN miles”. Tom then wondered, Nan Miles? What does it mean? He immediately searched for information about NaN miles on the internet. He found a lot of inaccurate information, which actually confused him even more, so he asked us, What does NaN miles mean on a motorhome? Of course, I gave him a full explanation about NaN miles, but now I want to share all this information in this article.

What Does NaN Miles Mean?

NaN miles, typically for “not a number,” indicates the absence of a valid value or lack of an associated numerical measurement, such as in the case of car mileage. When searching for cars online, you might come across listings where sellers use “NA” or “NaN” in the mileage field to attract potential buyers and initiate negotiations for a favorable sales price instead of selling through a dealership at a potentially lower cost.

What Does NaN Miles Mean on A Motorhome?

What Does NaN Miles Mean on A Motorhome? On a motorhome, NaN miles refers to “not a number” miles, indicating that the specific mileage data for the vehicle has not been provided or accurately recorded in the listing. This situation could be due to various reasons:

Lack of Mileage Information: The seller might not have access to or know the exact mileage on the motorhome, especially if they have recently acquired it or if the odometer is malfunctioning.

Odometer Reset or Tampering: In some cases, the odometer might have been reset or tampered with, making it impossible to determine the actual mileage accurately.

Seeing NaN miles on a motorhome listing could signal to potential buyers that the precise mileage information is unavailable or may require verification. As a buyer, asking the seller about the motorhome’s history and usage is essential to ensure a transparent and informed purchase decision. Additionally, consider inspecting the vehicle thoroughly or obtaining a professional inspection to gauge its overall condition and validate the mileage if possible.

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what does nan miles mean on a motorhome
What Does NaN Miles Mean on A Motorhome? NaN miles refers to “not a number” of miles, as an unknown of the total number of miles of the vehicle.

What Does NaN Miles Mean on A Boat?

What Does NaN Miles Mean on A Boat? Boat advertisements frequently include the term NaN miles because boats’ distances traveled are not conventionally measured and recorded in terms of mileage. Instead, boats are usually assessed based on their time on the water.

Thus, when a boat seller is composing an advertisement and must provide mileage information, they may enter ‘N/A’ or leave the field empty. As a result, the ad displays NaN miles to indicate the absence of specific mileage data.

What Does NaN Miles Mean on Facebook?

What Does NaN Miles Mean on Facebook? Encountering the phrase “Driven NAN miles” in Facebook Marketplace ads is frequent, but its meaning might be unclear. When you come across “NAN miles” on Facebook, it indicates that the seller has not provided any mileage information or has entered it incorrectly in the vehicle’s Marketplace listing. As a result, Facebook can’t retrieve and display accurate mileage data, leading to the display of “NAN miles” as a placeholder, signifying the absence of specific information.

Although there is a possibility that specific individuals intentionally use NaN miles to hide the mileage of their car, this is not universally true. Some sellers use NaN miles to encourage potential buyers to contact them directly, allowing for more effective negotiations on the purchase price rather than directing them to a dealership.

what does nan miles mean on facebook
Facebook Marketplace post showing a seller advertising the description of a motorhome using the terminology “NaN miles”.

Final Conclusions Regarding NaN Miles Meaning

In conclusion, NaN miles stands for “not a number” and is commonly used in online advertisements, particularly in vehicle sales, when the mileage data is either unavailable or deliberately left blank by the seller. It indicates that the specific mileage information has not been provided or accurately entered in the listing.

While some sellers may use NaN miles to obscure the actual mileage of their vehicle, others do so to prompt interested buyers to engage in direct negotiations, providing an opportunity for more personalized and potentially beneficial transactions. Overall, understanding the meaning of NaN miles in online advertisements is essential for buyers to make informed decisions and engage in successful vehicle purchases.

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