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NADA Guide for RV: What Is My NADA RV Trade-In Value

Use the NADA RV Value Guide to Find the Value of Motorhomes

If you’re in the market to buy or looking to sell, determining the RV trade-in value accurately may be challenging. What Is My NADA RV Trade-In Value? That’s the question this post answers. When buying or selling an RV or camper, the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) guide is a key resource for value, price, and other basic information. NADA is an American trade organization that provides pricing calculation tools for RVs. We refer to NADA RV as part of NADA dedicated to recreational vehicles through the NADA Guide for RVs, which provides guidelines for the pricing of vehicles manufactured during the last 15 years. Despite being officially called JD Power Car Values, the NADA RV Guide is still widely known by its traditional name. In this article, I will explain to you How to use the NADA Guide for RV, How to find the NADA Value of a Jayco camper (a real example), and How to make the most of the free NADA RV online service. Learn how the NADA Guide for RV becomes the RV Blue Book Guide. Discover step-by-step instructions on how to get the NADA RV Value (for new and used RVs). Also, understand the meaning of the values NADA provides for your RV (suggested list price, average retail price, low retail price).

In this video, I explain step-by-step how to get the NADA used RV values and how to compute your RV value accurately. Here are the instructions on how to get the NADA RV Value (for new and used RVs). Plus, the meaning of the values NADA provides for your RV. While NADA is a trusted source, there are other ways to determine your RV’s value. Let’s explore them together, too.

NADA RV Values: How to Accurately Compute Your Used RV Values

RV NADA Recreation Vehicle Appraisal Guide Updated

How Updated are NADA RV Values?

How Updated are NADA RV Values? The RV NADA Recreation Vehicle Appraisal Guide, well-known as NADA Guide for RV is updated three times every year, suggesting values from May through August for the RVs manufactured during the last 15 years.

If you are considering buying a used motorhome or selling your own motorhome, the first question that arises is: Which parameters determine the value of the motorhome? What is the impact of the NADA RV guidelines in this calculation, and how much does the market follow the NADA RV value? These seem very simple questions, but these RV values ​​depend on too many factors, and the influence of NADA RV parameters is an important factor to be considered.

When buying or selling an RV or campervan, the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) guide is a key resource for value, price, and other basic information.

NADA established the rules and basis for the used car market as early as 1933 and has always been the source of choice for buyers, private sellers, and dealers. You can subscribe to the NADA guide online by visiting their website or mailing it.

There are some tools online that can help you roughly answer this question: “So, what value is my RV actually?”.

nada guide for rv How Much is My RV Worth? NADA RV Trade-in Value and Used NADA RV Values.
How Much is My RV Worth? NADA RV Trade-in Value and Used NADA RV Values.

How Much is my RV Worth

Many people ask the same question. How Much is My RV Worth? What is the RV NADA Value of my camper? The first approach to understanding the value of your RV is the NADA guides. Is it the definitive value? No, it is not. However, it is the beginning of the evaluation.

The NADA Guide for RV provides users with average retail prices and provides management recommendations for a large number of RVs with multiple configurations. In addition to this NADA RV guide, NADA RV also has an RV price checker. The idea of ​​the NADA RV guide with this price checker is that you have the average market price of the recreational vehicle you intend to buy or sell. Although this looks like an indicative price, the NADA RV guide explains that this is not an indicative price.

Only use these NADA RV values ​​as rough estimates, because they did not answer the question “How much is my RV worth?”

In this article, I will show you How to use the NADA RV Guide and How to make the most of the free NADA RV online service. Next, I will explain to you how the RV evaluation guide does not consider the quality of RVs and why this is important.

Finally, I will discuss how to calculate the RV value for buying and selling old and new RVs. The good news is that you don’t even have to open your wallet. All methods of obtaining RV values ​​described here are free.

NADA for Used RV Values

NADA RV Trade-in Value

NADA RV Trade-in Value and NADA for Used RV Values. Let’s try to explain the NADA RV Trade-in Value. RVs are great and you will experience a memorable vacation, for sure. However, an RV is also an asset that eventually you would decide to sell it. If you are considering bringing your rig to the market, you might think of a big question: What are the factors that determine the RV value? Although this is a simple enough question, there is no direct answer.

The value of a motorhome is determined by many factors, from the brand and model to the age and mileage of the car, and even the season! In this article, we will guide you through the basics to help you answer the common questions when we are trying to sell or buy an RV “How much is my RV worth?”, “What is my RV Worth to Sell? And show you all you will need to know about making the most of your sales or trade-in.

This information will also help RVers on the market to buy used RVs-check this information before signing the documents to make sure you are making a lot of money! In the following paragraphs let’s continue reviewing and understanding more about the NADA RV Trade-in Value.

How to Estimate My RV Trade In Value and the NADA RV Trade In Value

How to Find the RV Trade In Value and the NADA RV Trade In Value. When determining the value of an RV, many variables will enter the baseline figure. Keep in mind these few situations.

• The make, model, and year of the vehicle-remember that some brands, such as Airstream, are known for better value retention.

Newer, higher-rated models are generally more expensive than older, lower-rated models.

Vehicle size is a consideration. Larger RVs are usually more valuable than smaller RVs.

Lower mileage is definitely better than higher mileage.

• Everything under the engine and the hood is obviously important.

• The internal configuration and overall condition of the RV will also play a role.

• The number and types of additional features that come with the vehicle can increase or decrease the value.

Of course, as with any saleable asset, the real answer to this question is “How much is my RV worth?” Yes…whatever anyone is eager to pay for the RV! Even if you find a baseline figure for estimates, you may find it difficult (or relatively easy) to sell based on external factors such as seasons or the economy.

Keep in mind that when you are trying to sell your vehicle at a certain price, the buyer will be looking closely at certain details to look for any depreciation or to check the real value. If you are interested in knowing what a buyer will be looking for in practice, I suggest you read What to Know Before Buying an RV – Checklist and pay attention to details of your RV that could be exposed and prevent you from getting the best value for your vehicle.

NADA RV Value By VIN Number

NADA RV Value By VIN Number. Many people ask if they can get the NADA RV value by VIN number and we tell them that this is not possible. Think of all the improvements you have made to the vehicle. Also think about market fluctuations, time of year, etc. Because no method is going to give you that value.

As we explain in detail in this article, NADA RV values are not based on VIN numbers. Do not be scammed by sites that claim they can give you the NADA RV value by VIN number as this is not possible.

NADA RV versus Kelley Blue Book for RV

NADA Blue Book Values

Are NADA RV Values Accurate? There is always the question of how accurate are the quotes we get using the NADA guides. We recommend reading the following link to our article if you want to see a demonstration of used RV values accuracy: Are NADA RV Values Accurate? We show you a numerical experiment that serves to infer that the NADA RV values are accurate and represent the most accurate Blue Book when it comes to quoting used RVs.

kelley blue book for campers and rvs
NADA RV Value By VIN Number. Blue Book for Campers. How to Find the Trade-In Value of my RV – RV Values

Is there a Kelly Blue Book for Campers, RVs, and trailers?

Is there a Kelly Blue Book for RVs? It does not exist in the Kelly Blue Book for RVs. However, the NADA RV Guide is equivalent to the Blue Book for RVs. Kelly Blue Book does not evaluate second-hand motorhomes. The NADA RV Guide is the Kelly Blue Book for RVs (KBB for RVs), also known as the RV Blue Book Guide.

The National Automobile Dealers Association, well-known as NADA, list the prices and values ​​of motorhomes, travel trailers, and even trucks, campers, and parking lot models, proving necessary guidelines for orientation when pricing recreational vehicles. If you have experience evaluating vehicles by using the Kelley Blue Book or Edmunds, the NADA Guide for RVs is the only one in the market for Campers, RVs, and Trailers. The NADA Guide is “the Blue book” for RVs.

Using NADA RV Online Services

Using NADA RV Online Services. Whether you are buying or selling, you will want to know the wholesale and retail prices of a travel trailer, 5th wheel, or motorhome. The question is: you can’t get the wholesale price from the free online NADA RV value, right? Well, we will go anyway. In fact, we will estimate the wholesale price and retail price very well.  

The free online NADA guide for RV is an estimated straight-line depreciation, regardless of any market factors. If you want greater accuracy, you must purchase a subscription version. Even if this is only a slightly better guess because each brand and model does not have enough statistical information to give meaningful results.

RV data tends to be better than trailers, probably because there are fewer brands reporting sales data and the dealer auction market is more active. The NADA RV value does not reflect the actual value of the trailer in the market, but it is still the standard. Keep in mind that is updated three times every year!

Since most lenders will exclusively use NADA to determine the calculation of the loan’s value, it becomes an important factor for dealers to sell campervans and still be able to provide financing, so it determines the fees we can pay for them in the transaction.

How to Use the NADA Guide for RV Online

Let’s see How to Use the NADA Guide for RV Online free and understand What is NADA used RV values that you are interested in.

  1. Go to Official NADAGuides RV Prices & Values
nada rv pricing
  1. Find the RV type or select the manufacturer and then select the year and model.
  1. Enter the mileage of a motorhome.

Choose to calculate either the Wholesale or Retail price

Wholesale Price: If you wish to calculate the wholesale or RV trade-in value, please do not select any options. Dealers will not consider trade-in options, so neither will we. Click “Continue”. Proceed to take the “low retail” figure. Then, subtract 10%, as a percentage recommended. This will bring you close to the book value of NADA RV. You now own the wholesale or trade-in value of the campervan. This number is usually close to the Actual Cash Value (ACV), which is the amount the dealer will pay you in cash to buy the RV. You have it, a good estimate of the wholesale price, without having to spend a few hundred dollars to get the NADA RV Blue Book.

Retail Price: If you want to know the retail price, please continue to choose your options-but only those that do not meet the criteria. Click “Continue”. Subtract 10% from the “average retail” figure. The online NADA value has been exaggerated to meet the needs of dealers. Subtracting 10% will compensate for the difference between the value of online and paper books. Now you have the average retail price.

Some manufacturers’ suggested retail prices are always much higher than similar models, even though the actual invoice prices may be similar. Their value is ultimately higher in the NADA RV guidelines.

Variables to consider when estimating the RV Value

  • Additional features such as vehicle improvements and premiums
  • The general condition of the interior of the RV, as the cost of refurbishing in the future, is high
  • The state and function of the engine, when it corresponds
  • Lower mileage than higher mileage, just like a normal vehicle.
  • The value of large vehicles is much higher than that of small RVs.
  • Space is a relative feature, which depends largely on your own requirements.
  • Like other vehicles, newer models or recreational vehicles are usually more expensive than older models.
  • The make, model, and model year of the RV, NADA RV GUIDE has useful evaluation parameters.
  • The number of previous owners. Only one owner in the entire RV history is desirable.

Cross-reference different sources to obtain the most accurate value estimate. View guidelines and classified ads and websites. When you start your search, please consider the size, year, mileage, and internal and external conditions of the relevant RV. You can insert this information into NADA’s website, classified ads website, and other car guides, such as Kelley Blue Book. These details, combined with the price lists you find online and in the guide, will provide you with a more accurate value.

Research local market trends to understand recent selling prices. Get the details from step 1 and compare them with similar recreational vehicles sold in your area. What is their selling price? Is yours comparable or competitive? Make sure you pay attention to specific internal facilities and any upgrades that might give you an advantage over the competition.

Use the information learned from steps 1 and 2 to return to your guide. Once you have cross-checked your facts using different websites and guides, and after you have studied the popular selling prices of local market trends, return to the NADA guide.

Does the Source List Similar Prices?

Does Your Local Market Follow NADA’s price recommendations?

You may need to adjust your quotation or selling price based on your answers to these questions. If you want to buy a recreational vehicle or campervan, please consult the NADA Guide for RV (NADA Recreation Vehicle Appraisal Guide) to understand the approximate price you are using. Bringing your findings from the guide will help you negotiate prices with sellers or resellers.

In addition to the price list, NADA also includes a publication on the different types of RVs, campers, and recreational vehicles on the market and their uses.

For example, are you looking for a luxury car or a trailer? Each has different specific advantages and disadvantages, so when you determine your expectations for the vehicle, the NADA RV Value Guide can help you determine the brand, model, and type to help you meet those expectations.

If you want to sell your camper, the NADA guide will not only recommend practical and reasonably priced price points but also provide you with guidance on maintaining the condition of your camper so that it can be sold at the best price.

The condition of any used car will greatly affect the seller’s price, so make sure your RV is clean and original, and upgrade any equipment or devices it may have.

Anything that gives you an advantage in this highly competitive market will ensure that you get the fairest possible price. Whether you are a customer or a seller, understanding the value of your recreational vehicle will help you make the most of your funds. The NADA guidelines ensure that your funds are not lost or wasted.

NADA RV Value – RV NADA Motorhome Value

If you really want to see the “blue book” value of a motorhome, you may want to know how to use the NADA website and figure out what is the RV NADA Motorhome value. The good news is that it is very simple and user-friendly.

  1. Simply navigate to NADA’s homepage of RV Value and select the “type” of RV you own (or are considering buying): travel trailer (including the fifth wheel), RV, camper trailer (ie small/pop-up trailer), Truck top camper or park model.
  2. Suppose you click on the “RV” category. You can save time by viewing the most popular (if your outfit is a popular brand), or you can choose from a more comprehensive list in the drop-down menu.
  3. Then, you will see a list containing various models of the brand, which you can filter by year and body type. You can also choose to hide or show specifications, such as length, design, floor plan, and slides.
  4. After you click on the RV model that matches you, provide your zip code. Why? Because value are according to your region, country, and time of the year (seasonal effect in the prices).
  5. Then, you have the list of optional feature.Add or remove from your rigs, such as HVAC units, upgraded equipment, leveling systems, and other options that can increase the value of the rig (If they exist) in working order. (If you are not sure, you can also choose to skip this step and just view the baseline value.)
  6. NADA will display the suggested average retail price and low retail price of your RV. You can use this information to help you better prepare for setting sales prices or reviewing potential RV purchases on the market. It is a good way to understand the RV NADA Motorhome value of any used RV.

How to Use the NADA Guide for RV – Example Step-by-Step with Pictures

What is My Jayco Camper Worth?

Let’s see How to Use the NADA Guide for RV in the practice. For example, what is my Jayco 2015 Pinnacle Fifth Wheels Series M-36 REQS worth?

Firstly, go to NADAGuide.com/RV. Since we are looking for pricing the Jayco 2015 Pinnacle Fifth Wheels Series M-36 REQS, once in the browser, click on “Travel trailer (including the fifth wheel)”.

Step-by-step how to use the NADA Guide for RV free to determine What is My RV Trade-in Value. See the example below: What is My Jayco 2015 Pinnacle Fifth Wheels Series M-36 REQS Worth?

what is my jayco camper worth alue. See the example below: What is My Jayco 2015 Pinnacle Fifth Wheels Series M-36 REQS Worth?

Then, filter and complete the make (Jayco), year (2015) and look for the particular series as shown in the figures. In our example is Series Pinnacle M-36 REQS.

rv nada prices step by step

Finally, look for the list of optional features and add any feature that is not standard. That will change the pricing, and click on “Get Base Pricing“. Remember that these prices are a suggestion. Regions, countries, and seasons of the year will affect those prices.

nada rv value
what is my jayco 2015 pinnacle Mm-36 req worth

Is NADA RV Guide Useful?

Is NADA RV Guide Useful? NADA guides are useful. NADA guides are unquestionable leaders. RV Online provides you with 1200-page titles and all the valuable information in registered textbooks. You can also find comprehensive documents and information about cars, boats, motorcycles, RVs (since 2017), prefabricated houses, and more.

Using the NADA RV Guide application, you can view full-color sample files directly on your computer laptop or tablet screen, including state title license plates, driving licenses, and ID cards, and you can also research General State-at your convenience, quickly and easily provide information on proof of ownership, repossession, quick-reference charts, agency phone numbers, etc.

Recommended article for you about the Private Party RV Value.


The NADA Guide for RV provides values that are just a suggestion of the prices. There are many other factors to consider that are described in this article. NADA RV guides and price checks are not enough to fully price an RV. As you can see, there are several factors to consider when a dealer is determining the RV trade-in value, or you are trying to establish the private party RV value. However, this is not rocket science, and calculating the NADA RV trade-in value will put you on the right track. Remember there is not possible to have a NADA RV Value by VIN number.

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