2023 Jayco North Point 340CKTS Luxury Fifth Wheel Review

Jayco has presented the new 2023 Jayco North Point 340CKTS. The new North Point 340CKTS has new features when compared with the 2022 model. In this article, we will be highlighting the changes we will see between the 2022 and the 2023 Jayco 340CKTS with pictures, videos, 360-tours, and specs. We also include a video at the end of the article. We took a deep dive into Jayco North Point Luxury Fifth wheel 2023 models.

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2023 Jayco North Point 340CKTS Spec

The new North Point 340CKTS is about 13,000 pounds (dry weight: 12,860 lbs.) and has a gross weight of almost 16,000 lbs. It offers a sleeping capacity of up to 6 people. Thirty-seven feet long on this brand new 2023 model (Length: 37’ 11”).

Let’s see some brief 2023 Jayco 340CKTS Spec chart. More details are coming soon and can be checked following this link on Jayco’s website.  

ModelNorth Point 340CKTS Fifth Wheel
ClassFifth Wheel
Specification2023 Jayco North Point 340CKTS Fifth Wheel
Dry Hitch Weight (lbs)2,450
UVW (Dry Weight) Unloaded Vehicle Weight (lbs)12,860
CCC – Cargo Carrying Capacity (lbs)2,890
GVW – Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (lbs)15,750
Exterior Length (overall)37′ 11″
Exterior Length (pin to bumper)36′ 2″
Exterior Height12′ 8″
Exterior Height (with A/C)13′ 3″
Exterior Width8′ 0″
Exterior Width (with slides out)14′ 0″
Interior Height (main)8′ 5″
Interior Height (upper deck)6′ 6″
Awning Length Patio16′ 0″
Awning Length Main Entry Door11′ 0″
Sleepsup to 6
# of outside storage compartments1
Outside KitchenYes
King Size BedYes
Jayco North Point Luxury Fifth Wheel – 2023 Jayco North Point 340CKTS Spec

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North Point 340CKTS Floorplan

North Point 340CKTS Floorplan
North Point 340CKTS Floorplan

Jayco North Point Luxury Fifth Wheel: 2023 340CKTS model

In this article, we highlight the changes that we will see between the 2022 and the 2023 Jayco 340CKTS. I’m going to point out these changes and also show pictures of the differences.

Starting with the design for the 2023 North Point 340CKTS outdoor kitchen. This Jayco luxury fifth wheel with a front outside kitchen has a griddle assembly and a refrigerator. The new thing about the refrigerators in 2023 is they’re prepped for the inverter. So, historically, the refrigerator on the outside kitchen would only work when you’re plugged into shore power now they’re inverter prep.

Jayco North Point Luxury Fifth Wheel outside kitchen
Jayco North Point Luxury Fifth Wheel

Next to the outside kitchen, there is a little protective area and you can choose to place a TV in this thin protective area.

Another thing that is new in the 2023 Jayco 340CKTS model, is if you look up above the door, there’s a 360 security camera package with a 7″ monitor that is optional, and you can pop the camper from the outside, no need to go inside or to the back of the coach. When you want to use it as a security camera, you’ll be able to see it out in the back and on the sides.

2023 Jayco 340CKTS

You can power on the safety camera inside the coach when you want to use it. It is a great new feature among some other changes.

Let’s go inside and have a look at this 340CKTS. As you can see on the floorplan this model has a central kitchen.

2023 Jayco 340CKTS
2023 Jayco 340CKTS
Jayco North Point 2023
Jayco North Point 2023

One thing we haven’t seen before is the four-burner cooktop was moved to the outside wall slide. The oven and burner cooktop has a vented range hood and the whole range hood cover pops up to reveal storage, so you’re not losing that space

A cooking preparation area is always pretty precious in an RV. In the 2022 model, you had a drawer glide that was pulled out for your cutting board. Now, on this 2023 model the butcher block flip-up and it’s hinged below, so when you don’t want it, you just can flip it out of the way. Instead of lifting it out, putting it on the range top, or taking it back, now it simply hinges out of the way. Well done, Jayco!

Jayco North Point 2023

The appliance package for 2023 is consistent with 2022, although furniture is rearranged and some are upgraded.

In the kitchen area, there is a  21 cu. ft. residential refrigerator with 1800W inverter and a 30″ residential microwave oven with stainless steel cover and another small cocking preparation area underneath the microwave. An 18-cu. ft. 2-way refrigerator is optional.

2023 Jayco 340CKTS
2023 Jayco 340CKTS

There are drawers, cabinets, and pantries, everywhere. The doors of the cabinets and drawers are solid wood, with good guides and silent closing. There are no cheap materials in sight.

The pantry includes motion sensor lights. You can write down a shopping list on your erase board.

The countertop is solid, without cheap coatings, with a large single stainless steel sink. The faucet is also of good quality, metal without cheap plastic parts.

2022 vs 2023 Jayco 340CKTS

For the 2023 North Point 340CKTS model, we still have the convection microwave, and above the microwave, there is a rack for spices. You can pull the spice rack down and you have spices available in the cook preparation area. It used to be a wine rack on the 2022 model, instead of the spices compartment.

2023 Jayco North Point 340CKTS Fifth Wheel Spec

You’ll see some new colors and some new textures. The lighting package, and the lighting treatments, are new and different from the 2022 model, but prettier and modern.  

2023 Jayco North Point 340CKTS Fifth Wheel Spec

In the entertainment center area, the 2023 Jayco North Point luxury fifth wheel models including 340CKTS are equipped with JBL electronics. The JBL speakers are located both, on the ceiling of the entertainment center area and the patio side. The Smart TV is located on the top.

2023 Jayco North Point 340CKTS Fifth Wheel Spec

The dinette table extends and lifts for storage, as well as the chairs. There is a power tower right in the dinette table area, including a regular USB household. And for the 2023 Jayco North Point 340CKTS, we have USB-C charging as well as wireless charging on top, so I can simply take your phone over the power tower and it will start charging if your phone is equipped to do that.

2023 Jayco North Point 340CKTS Fifth Wheel Spec

To the right of the main entry door, you will find a big dry bathroom, fully equipped and large. In 2022 we used to have just a backlit mirror and no medicine cabinet. In 2023, Jayco rearrange the bathroom and added a medicine cabinet and drawers giving us some storage on either side of this basin sink. The toilet is porcelain, foot flush toilet. It is a nice spacious bathroom. The walk-in shower has hard glass curtains and includes a tub and a teak seat that folds up and down. The shower includes a skylight and all of the shower fixtures are matte black and are adjustable up and down. Also new for the 2023 model, the shower head is larger than the 2022 model.  

Next to the bathroom, there is a front master bedroom with a king bed (72″x 80″). For 2023, the king bed is standard on North Point models and a queen bed (60″x 80″) is now optional. There is a walk-in closet, similar to the 2022 model, the closet has a place for shoes and fold clothes. As usual, it’s prepared for the washer and dryer. If you want to add them, there are three shelves that you will need to remove you can put a stackable washer and dryer inside the closet.

Another change on the 2023 Jayco North Point luxury fifth wheel models is that all the TVs are smart TVs.

The bedroom has a 4K  Smart TV. On the 2022 model, just the Living room TV was a Smart TV.

2023 Jayco North Point 340CKTS Fifth Wheel Spec

The furniture in the bedrooms looks consistent with the 2022 model. The bedroom dresser includes a hinged to put jewelry or personal protection under there. There is nice under-cabinet lighting, which makes a fantastic night light. Now there is a switch for the security camera in the bedroom and turn all the lights on and off, including exterior lights by activating the voice command, especially if you can’t get to the light.

The 2023 North Point 340CKTS includes a double helix ducting in the bedroom, whisper quiet. So, you can watch TV and have conversations and not be drowned out, wine guard 360 antennae above, which is a Wi-Fi magnifier, AM-FM, an HDTV antenna, as well as can create a Wi-Fi hotspot.

360-Tour 2022 Model

The luxury pack of this Jayco North Point 340CKTS Fifth wheel includes

  • 6-point hydraulic auto-leveling system
  • There are 2 electric awnings included. One 11 ft awning and a 2nd electric patio awning of 16 ft with integrated LED lighting
  • For the main entrance, entry stairs with strut help
  • Sidewalls with a high gloss gel coating
  • Large multi-battery compartment with room for 4-6 cells
  • Dark tinted safety glass windows with no frames
  • Roller blinds for privacy
  • A free-standing (no pedestal) table with a leaf, as well as two standing and two folding chairs
  • Electric space warmer and LED fireplace
  • Central vacuum with dust port
  • A freshwater drinking system linked to a fresh potable water bottle in the RV basement that links to the ice maker
  • Residential microwave 30 in.
  • 21-cubic-foot household refrigerator with 1800-watt inverter
  • 24 in. residential stove (3.73 cu. ft. with 12,000 BTU high output burner)
  • Solid surface residential kitchen countertop
  • 4K Smart Bedroom Television
  • A Walk-in shower with shampoo/soap holder and teak seat

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Comparison of Interior Design, Color, Textures, and Lighting 2022 vs. 2023

2023 Jayco North Point 340CKTS Fifth Wheel Spec
2023 Jayco North Point 340CKTS Fifth Wheel Spec

Differences between 2022 vs. 2023 North Point

Differences between 2022 vs. 2023 North Point 340CKTS
Differences between 2022 vs. 2023 North Point 340CKTS
Differences between 2022 vs. 2023 North Point 340CKTS
Jayco North Point Luxury Fifth Wheel
Jayco North Point Luxury Fifth Wheel
2023 Jayco North Point Luxury Fifth Wheel
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