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2024 Jayco Jay Feather 19MRK Travel Trailer Review

I am always excited to bring you a brand-new floor plan, and here we are with this one. The new Jayco Jay Feather 19MRK is now on the market! Let’s take a quick first peek at this brand-new Jay Feather model. Also, I will point out some new things as we go around to give you a good sense of what is new in 2024. The 2024 Jay Feather 19MRK is a great 24-foot-long couple’s travel trailer who loves cooking together because this camper has an unbelievable cooking space for two dedicated chefs! In the following months, we will see if one of the best couple’s campers for 2024. This travel trailer is perfect for couples and has one of the largest kitchens on the market today for a small and lightweight camper. Let’s see.

New Jayco Jay Feather 19MRK

The 19MRK is a new floor plan by Jayco, a Jay Feather travel trailer. Before starting into details, let me remark on a few things worth seeing in this RV and what I like the most. I like spacious travel trailers under 25 feet long but lightweight enough to be easy to pull behind an SUV. The 19MRK is 24 feet long and less than 5,000 pounds. In total, with loaded tanks, this trailer weighs about 6,250 pounds. The Murphy bed and the tons of counter space for food prep give the couple the best to enjoy the outsides in this travel trailer, a spacious and versatile affordable camper trailer. It feels like a neat little apartment, actually a pretty spacious apartment. That is a neat couple’s camper loaded with features that I’m falling in love with really quickly.

Some Brief Specifications

  • Dry Weight: 4,775 Pounds
  • Cargo Carrying Capacity: 1,475 Pounds
  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: 6,250 Pounds
  • Length: 24 Feet
  • Slides-Out: 1
  • Sleeping Capacity: 4
  • Awning size: 15 Feet

As we go through this floor plan, I will point out some new things to give you a sense of what’s new in 2024 Jay Feathers.

2024 Jayco Jay Feather 19MRK Travel Trailer Floor Plan

Let’s walk you through the 2024 Jay Feather 19MRK travel trailer floor plan.

new jayco's couple's campers 2024
The 19MRK is a 24-ft long travel trailer and less than 5,000 pounds. Source: https://www.jayco.com/

Outside this 19MRK travel trailer, you will find a lighted pass-thru compartment with plenty of space to store everything you need for a trip, including the grill. At the rear, you will find an outdoor shower, the tankless on-demand water heater, the J-port for the LP Quick Connection grill, and a bracket for hanging the TV outside the camper. Thus, the trailer’s outdoor entertainment center is located to the left of the entrance door, under a 15-foot awning with an LED light strip, next to the grill area, an outdoor kitchen, speakers, and the TV mounted on the outside, with close cable and power connections. So you can cook outside on the patio side while enjoying the outdoors.

Continuing with the exterior, the stabilizers on the 19MRK (and all the Jay Feather line) are down quickly, but most importantly, they work. They are rock-solid stabilizers in a way that you can’t move the unit. You will not feel the motion transfer when you go in and out; they’re super lightweight.

Here’s something new: in 2024, all the Jay Feathers have the Climate Shield designation just like their White Hawk. Of course, an enclosed heated underbelly is enclosed, but the climate Shield means this camper offers radiant barrier insulation. Jayco does not give it a four-season designation. Still, it indeed extends the amount of time you can spend in this in colder climates and not have to worry about frozen pipes, staying comfortable, etc. It is as close to a four-season camper as you can come. Also, starting in 2024, Jayco Jay Feathers has two-inch vacuum-bonded flooring to match the walls’ vacuum bonding. It’s vacuum-bonded, and it is genuinely a solid unit.

Inside the Jay Feather 19MRK

Let’s see what we find inside the Jay Feather 19MRK travel trailer.

Solid steps on the main entrance and the solid stabilizers transfer zero motion to the rest of the camper because they make firm contact with the ground. Plus, these are adjustable.

The controllers for the stereo are close to the entry door, so I will describe the system now before moving to the back of this camper. Bluetooth lets you pair your phone with the stereo system and stream music through the speakers inside or on the porch. The Control Central is right next to the entry door. You can check your gray and black tanks, water pump, lighting, slide extension, and awning toggle switches. It is a traditional toggle switch, easy to troubleshoot. The on-demand water heater control is also on the wall next to the entry door.

The Jayco Jay Feather 19MRK is a Murphy bed floor plan, so it’s a sofa by day and a bed by night. As you can see in the floor plan below, after climbing the solid steps, the only main entrance to the right is a jack-knife sofa that converts into a Murphy bed at night. The 60″ x 75″ Murphy bed gives the couple a spacious place to sleep with a bed they can walk around. I like this trailer to be a walk-around queen bed that makes it easy to make it all the way around.

new 2024 jayco jay feather 19mrk floor plan
The Jay Feather 19MRK is a Murphy bed floor plan, perfect for couples. Source: https://www.jayco.com/

Also in the bed area are two closets for t-shirts and shirts, USB ports for 12-volt charging on either side, 110 on both sides and reading lights. When it is time to turn this into a sofa by day, it is easy enough to do. You are just going to lift this. You can leave the bed made up along with our pillows, comforter, and everything. You don’t have to remove the bedding. Leave it all on, then pop it up and latch it. That allows the Muphy bed to be fully assembled for easy storage and reassembly at night. When the Murphy bed is raised, the jack-knife sofa is available with storage space under it and a removable plastic table that you can put on the patio for outdoor dining.

Largest Kitchen in a 24 Feet Travel Trailer

One of the longest galleys on a 24-foot travel trailer is to the left of the entrance door. This counter is more than half the length of the travel trailer and is fully equipped.

jayco jay feather 19mrk kitchen review
Jay Feather 19MRK kitchen has a microwave, a three-burner stove, an oven, a double sink with a cutting board and a sink strainer, a 10-cubic-foot 12V fridge with freezer, and two long kitchen countertops for meal preparation. Source: https://www.jayco.com/

The Jay Feather 19MRK kitchen has a microwave, a three-burner stove, an oven, a double sink that includes a cutting board and a sink strainer, a residential-size 10-cubic-foot 12V fridge with freezer, and two long kitchen countertops for meal preparation, as well as three drawers and over-the head-cabinets. All materials are top quality, well constructed, and assembled.

The kitchen counter space is over half of the length of the unit. I love this, so my wife can be on one extreme of the counter prepping food, while I can be down on the opposite extreme, chopping garlic and onions, prepping something, and getting ready for dinner. That is fantastic, and you will notice when you step into the 19MRK.  

Speaking of 2024 changes, this countertop material is different. The profile is squared off and looks like a solid piece of marble, but it is much more lightweight than marble.

Also, you will find some power towers distributed along this camper with USB, USBC, 110V, and phone wireless charging. 

Jay Feather 19MRK Bathroom

The full dry bathroom is in the rear of the 19MRK travel trailer. This trailer bathroom is spacious and includes a foot-flushable plastic toilet, a hand basin, a medicine cabinet with a mirror, an oversized shower with a tub, and plenty of headroom up, including a mate plastic shower curtain and linen storage cabinets. It is a reinforced shower pan. When you shop around, step up in the shower. Does it do this? Is it spongy? If it is, know that it will cause plumbing issues for fitting loose over time, and you may not know it for years until the damage is already done. That is why Jayco’s campers usually weigh a few more than other brands.

You don’t have to worry about those short military showers anymore. The 2024 Jayco Jay Feather 19MRK has a tankless water heater on demand.

jay feather 19mrk bathroom review
Jay Feather 19MRK Bathroom: includes a foot-flushable plastic toilet, a hand basin, a medicine cabinet with a mirror, an oversized shower with a tub, a mate plastic shower curtain, and linen cabinets. Source: https://www.jayco.com/

19MRK Couple’s Camper Under 5000 Pounds with One Slide Out

Last but not least, this travel trailer for couples has one slide-out with comfortable theater seating recliners, tables, and armrests that allow you to enjoy your meal while watching TV mounted on a sliding mount in front of you. Since this slide is not huge, it is not adding much weight to the unit.

The retractable TV mount also serves the bed location, the sofa, and the theater seating, depending on the orientation people choose. You pull it out and angle it around. So, you can be cooking or laying in bed and still have a good view of the TV or from those recliners or pop it up and get it out of the way.

Also, although this is a couple’s camper, there is room for up to 4 people if you choose to have a tri-fold sofa instead of the theater seats in the slide-out.

Jayco Couple’s Camper for Off-a-Grid

This travel trailer is well-prepared for winter temperatures and adventures as it is equipped with a unique material, the Azdel and the Climate Shield for ultimate weather protection. Although it does not receive the four-season camper designation, the pipes are insulated, the tanks are protected with heated pads, and it has a 35,000 BTU furnace. In addition, this travel has a 55-gallon of fresh water capacity and a tankless on-demand water heater. The gray water and black tank are both 30.5 gallons.

The 2024 Jay Feather 19MRK is prepared to be off-the-grid with a larger capacity fresh water tank (55 gallons), a standard 200w solar panel, and a 30 amp digital controller. You can expand it to 400 watts or 600 watts, depending on how much you need. I recommend keeping an eye on the battery charge. Investing in a small generator to be off the grid is advisable since the 12-volt residential refrigerator has a higher consumption than a small refrigerator.

For a small price, you can add a 15,000 BTU air conditioner, more solar panels, and an 1800 W inverter, among more optional features.

Jayco Jay Feather 19MRK Specifications Summary

The following chart summarizes the weight and measure specifications of Jayco’s 2024 Jay Feather 19MRK travel trailer.

Dry Hitch Weight 485 pounds
Unloaded Vehicle Weight 4,775 pounds
Cargo Carrying Capacity 1,475 pounds
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating 6,250 pounds
Exterior Length (overall)24 feet 0 inches
Exterior Height9 feet 11 inches
Exterior Height (with A/C)10 feet 9 inches
Exterior Width8 feet 0 inches
Exterior Width (with slides out)10 feet 11 inches
Interior Height (main)6 feet 6 inches
Awning Length15 feet 0 inches
Tank Capacities
Fresh Water Capacity (gals)55
Gray Water Capacity (gals)30.5
Black Tank Capacity (gals)30.5
Propane Unit (lbs)40
Propane Unit (lbs) (Optional)60
Sleepsup to 4
Water HeaterTankless
# of outside storage compartments2
# of slides- out1
Furnace BTU35000
Tire SizeST205/75R14’D’
Jayco’s 2024 Jay Feather 19MRK travel trailer. Source: https://www.jayco.com/

Jay Feather 19MRK Review: Final Thoughts

The 2024 Jayco Jay Feather 19MRK has the largest kitchen in a travel trailer under 25 feet. When you shop around, and I always say you should, if you’re getting ready to invest, go around and look at different units and see how you feel walking into them. This unit feels solid with pleasing finishes and good quality materials.

The 19MRK is a 24-foot-long couple’s camper under 5,000 pounds. So you can pull this with many tow vehicle options: small pickup truck, well-equipped SUV. It is easy to drive, easy to tow, and easy to stow. It has a little slide, which creates a spacious inside for this trailer, but since this slide is not giant, it does not add much weight to the unit. 

If you want to go off the grid for a period, you can do that now on a Jay Feather 19MRK. It has 55 gallons of fresh water, solar panels, a tankless water heater on-demand, and the climate Shield designation to extend your time in this even in cold climates.

There is room for a couple to sleep on a walkaround queen-size Murphy bed, or you can choose a different slide-out layout to have up to 4 people sleep in. There are two entertainment centers in this camper.

Plus, you have a fully equipped kitchen with a residential refrigerator. This kitchen counter is more than half the length of the travel trailer and has a spacious full bathroom. Outside, you will have a kitchen with a grill, a mount for a TV outside to create your entertainment space, spacious lighted compartments, a shower, a 15-ft long awning, and cable connections and power outlets. The price starts at $49,328 MSRP (USD). For more information, visit the official website or contact your favorite dealer.

All these excellent features, and this is just a couple’s camper. In the next months, we will see if one of the best couple’s campers for 2024.

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