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2024 Jayco Pinnacle 38FBRK: First Look, Spec & Video

The new 2024 Pinnacle 38FBRK differs from the rest of the Jayco Pinnacle floor plans by having a front bedroom and a rear kitchen, plus an L-shaped arrangement between the long sofa and the reclining seats in the large living room in the middle of the RV. Let’s review this fantastic brand-new luxury fifth-wheel floor plan: the Jayco 38FBRK. Watch the video of this amazing RV. It is one of the nicest RVs I’ve ever seen!

The Jayco Pinnacle 38FBRK fifth wheel surprises us with a new floor plan with two entertainment centers, one of them located outside the RV, a massive walk-in closet prepared for stackable washer and dryer, one and a half bathrooms, one of them located en suite, a front king master bedroom, a fireplace, a desk, a rear kitchen fully equipped with residential size appliances and one of the biggest living rooms on the current market. This article shows you the First Look at the new 2024 Jayco Pinnacle 38FBRK.

Here, we have a walkthrough video inside the wonderful new 2024 Jayco Pinnacle 38FBRK. It is one of the nicest RVs I’ve ever seen. There are tons of amazing things in this floor plan.

Some Brief Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Jayco
  • Model: Pinnacle
  • Trim: 38FBRK
  • Type: Luxury Fifth Wheel Travel Trailer        
  • Dry Weight: 14,995 Pounds
  • Cargo Carrying Capacity: 3,005 Pounds
  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: 18,000 Pounds
  • Length: 43 feet 11 inches
  • Number of Bedrooms: 1 Front Master King Bedroom (72″x 80″) (optional: queen) with a full bathroom en suite. Walk-in Closet. Washer and dryer prepared.
  • Sleeping capacity: Up to 4
  • No bunkhouse
  • Number of Bathrooms: 1 ½ Bath
  • 1 Full Bathroom: porcelain foot-flushable toilet, double hand basins, walk-in shower with a teak seat, hard-glass sliding curtains, skylight, ventilation system, large mirror with medicine cabinet, linen closet.
  • Half-bath: porcelain foot-flushable toilet, hand basin, mirror, and linen closet.
  • Slides out: 3
  • Two Awnings: 15′ and 19′, cover the entry door, entertainment center with TV mounted outside, and the outside kitchen.
  • Outside Kitchen: Yes
  • Fireplace: Yes
  • Living Room: Huge
  • Rear Kitchen, U-shape, residential-sized appliances.
  • Price: $153,436 MSRP (USD)
2024 jayco pinnacle 38fbrk review
First Look at the Jayco 38FBRK

Main Differences Between Pinnacle vs. North Point

While we often have the same or similar floor plan between North Point and Pinnacle, the new 38FBRK floor plan is so far exclusive to Pinnacle.

Let’s see some main differences between Pinnacle vs. North Point. Unlike North Point floor plans, Pinnacle has 102 inches of body width (while North Point has 96 inches) and is characterized by luxury features such as a molded rear cap (while North Point has a flat wall), power cord reel (while North Point has a detachable cord),  a full body painting with the Diamond, Sand and Steel Paint options, day and night shades (while North Point has only nightshades), a smart TV mounted outside, between high-quality materials and assemblies throughout the RV.

Jayco Pinnacle vs Jayco North Point 5th wheel camper  full body painting
Pinnacle vs. North Point: A full body painting with the Diamond, Sand, and Steel Paint options is only available in the Jayco Pinnacle line.Source: https://www.jayco.com/

New 2024 Jayco Pinnacle 38FBRK: The Exterior

For those familiar with Jayco, the new Pinnacle 38FBRK fifth-wheel floor plan surprises us on the exterior with two electric awnings with integrated LED lighting.

The first 15-foot awning is located at the left of the entry door. It covers the entertainment center with speakers, an outside 32″ 4K Smart LED TV, cable and power connection, and an external grill quick connection classic of Jayco. The second 19-foot awning covers the entry door up to the front of this fifth wheel.

Also, you will find exterior compartments, including a pass-thru compartment for storage and 360° security cameras if you choose to add this optional kit.

jayco 38fbrk exterior
Jayco Pinnacle 38FBRK 5th Wheel Camper: Exterior Compartments and Smart LED TV mounted outside the RV (standard feature)

The climate Shield designation allows you to extend your time enjoying this RV outdoors, even in cold climates. Plus, there are 120V heat blankets on all tanks and 12V heat tape on the freshwater line, so you won’t need to worry about burst pipes.

Let’s take a first look inside the new Jayco Pinnacle 38FBRK, and let me tell you about some of the changes Jayco has in the Pinnacle line for this year.

Inside the 2024 Jayco Pinnacle 38FBRK: A Review

The new 2024 Jayco Pinnacle 38FBRK 5th wheel travel trailer offers a sleeping capacity of up to 4 people, one of the largest living rooms on the RV market, a spacious walk-in closet prepared for a stackable washer and dryer combo in a front king master bedroom with bathroom en suite. Let’s review the Jayco Pinnacle 38FBRK floor plan.

2024 jayco pinnacle 38fbrk floor plan
2024 Jayco Pinnacle 38FBRK floor plan Source: https://www.jayco.com/

A Luxury Master Bedroom

I definitely love this floor plan. For me, having the kitchen and the bedroom on opposite sides of the RV is a blessing. So, that is one of the things I love the most about this new Pinnacle floor plan.

As you can see on the floor plan above, to the right of the front door, you will find the steps that lead up to the front master king bedroom, completely private with sliding doors. The Jayco Pinnacle 38FBRK standard is a 72″ x80″ king-size bed, easy to walk around the bed, optionally changed to a 60″ x80″ queen bed for a small extra cost.

The Pinnacle 38FBRK bedroom has two nightstands, reading lights on either side of the bed, power outlets, and USB and USB-C connections. In front of the bed is a chest of drawers with a dresser and a Smart LED TV that allows the couple to enjoy watching the TV in a comfortable position.

jayco pinnacle 38fbrk review
2024 Jayco Pinnacle 38FBRK: A Luxury Master Front King BedroomSource: https://www.jayco.com/

The bedroom also has a spacious en suite bathroom with two hand basins, a medicine cabinet with a large mirror, a porcelain foot-flushable toilet, a walk-in shower with a teak seat that folds up and down, and a large shower head, shampoo and soap holder, vents and several cabinets for towels.

jayco 2024 new floor plans
Jayco Pinnacle 38FBRK: En suite bathroom with two hand basins, a medicine cabinet with a large mirror and plenty of cabinets and storage space.

The hand basin and shower fittings faucets are modern, movable, and matte black. Today, choosing a tankless water heater on-demand system is possible.

2024 jayco pinnacle 38fbrk spec
The main bathroom of the Jayco Pinnacle 38FBRK has a walk-in shower with a teak seat that folds up and down, hard-glass sliding shower doors, and a large shower head. The hand basin and shower fittings faucets are modern, movable, and matte black.

After walking through the bathroom of the Pinnacle 38FBRK, you will find the massive walk-in closet with shelves and hanging space for clothes, as well as a stackable washer and dryer combo with prepared connections within the closet.

In front of the entry door is a half bath with a foot-activated toilet, a hand basin, a large mirror, and linen cabinets.

half bath 2024 pinnacle line
Pinnacle 38FBRK – Half-Bath Source: https://www.jayco.com/

Pinnacle 38FBRK: The Living Room

To the left of the entry door of the Pinnacle 38FBRK is a large living room located in one of the three slide-outs of this unit, right in the middle of this RV.

This living room may be the biggest in the new 2024 floor plans. I should measure the Pinnacle 38FBRK and compare it with the Jayco North Point 387FBTS to see which of these new 2024 living room layouts is bigger. Still, the L-shape arrangement is unique. No other Jayco’s fifth wheels have this modern arrangement between the couch and recliners.

jayco 38fbrk review
The Jayco 38FBRK has a unique L-shape arrangement in the large living room located in one of the three slide-outs of this unit, right in the middle of this RVSource: https://www.jayco.com/

It has a large tri-fold sofa for two people and two theater seats. The tri-fold sofa allows you to increase the sleeping capacity of this RV by up to four people. This spacious living room has an entertainment center with Bluetooth speakers that allow you to pair your smartphone, a ceiling fan, an LED fireplace with an electric heater, and a Smart LED TV. Across the living room is a table with four foldable chairs and a desk that allows you to improvise an office or use it as a coffee table.

This area also has power towers with USB and USB-C plugs and a wireless smartphone charger.

Pinnacle 38FBRK: The Rear Kitchen

Continuing walking towards the rear of the new 2024 Jayco Pinnacle 38FBRK is the kitchen. I will never tire of repeating the advantages of having a rear kitchen in an RV, opposite the master bedroom. Food preparation odors disperse so quickly that it is my favorite recommended layout whenever possible.

This fifth-wheel rear kitchen layout is U-shaped with ample meal preparation area. In addition, the kitchen can be extended with the easily retractable butcher block that swings up and down. Not only is the kitchen spacious and comfortable for meal preparation, but it also has plenty of drawers, cabinets, and a large pantry. All finishes are high quality with solid wood materials, maple-finished shelves, and silent closing mechanisms.

jayco pinnacle 38fbrk kitchen review
The new 2024 Jayco Pinnacle 38FBRK has a rear kitchen, well-ventilated with a U-shaped distribution and ample meal preparation area. Source: https://www.jayco.com/

The galley has a residential-size convection microwave with a built-in air fryer and a four-burner stove with an oven. The standard Pinnacle 38FBRK has a residential-size refrigerator that you can optionally change for a 20 cubic foot 12v refrigerator. It also has a large kitchen sink with modern matte black faucets and a potable water connection independent of the fresh water tank. The under-sink dishwasher is an attractive option in the luxury package.

The kitchen also features two power towers with USB-C, USB, and power plugs to connect all your necessary appliances easily.

This 38FBRK RV has high-capacity tanks (75 gallons of fresh water, 87 gallons of gray water, 50 gallons of black tank, and 120 pounds of gas), solar panels, a 30 amp controller, and an inverter to enjoy off-the-grid stays.

Optionally, Jayco offers the Overlander and Luxury packages with options to increase the number of solar panels (up to 6 solar panels of 200w each, 100 amp/hour lithium batteries, battery chargers, 3000w inverter, etc.) to extend off-the-grid periods. I would recommend adding a generator when there is no power access.

As standard, the 2024 Jayco Pinnacle 38FBRK has a 40,000 BTU furnace, and it is possible to add a third 15,000 BTU air conditioner in the living room for a small cost.

If you Jayco always offers, buyers should consider some nice luxury options, such as the 360° security system with a 7-inch monitor and comfort upgrades such as dual panel tinted safety glass windows.

The price starts at $153,436 MSRP (USD). For more information, I encourage you to visit Jayco’s website or contact a dealership in your area.

What is New In the 2024 Jayco Pinnacle 38FBRK? Pinnacle Floor Plans Comparision

The new Pinnacle 38FBRK differs from the rest of the Jayco Pinnacle floor plans by having a front bedroom and a rear kitchen, plus an L-shaped arrangement between the long sofa and the reclining seats in the large living room in the middle of the RV.

It is the first time we have seen this unique L-shaped arrangement for an RV living room. It genuinely looks like a fancy apartment inside. Plus, guests can sleep while keeping the privacy of the master bedroom.

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2024 jayco pinnacle 38fbrk fifth wheel camper
Unique Living Room – Jayco 38FBRK

Specifications Summary and Prices


These days, Jayco is introducing Pinnacle’s new floor plan for 2024, such as the Jayco Pinnacle 38FBRK. The price starts at $153,436 MSRP (USD).

Specs Summary

The following chart summarizes the weight and measure specifications of the 2024 Jayco Pinnacle 38FBRK 5th wheel camper.

If you are looking for a Luxury 5th Wheel with 3 Bedrooms, the Jayco North Point 390CKDS is an excellent choice. 

Dry Hitch Weight 2,940 pounds
Unloaded Vehicle Weight 14,995 pounds
Cargo Carrying Capacity 3,005 pounds
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating 18,000 pounds
Exterior Length (overall)43 feet 11 inches
Exterior Length (pin to bumper)43 feet 11 inches
Exterior Height12 feet 10 inches
Exterior Height (with A/C)13 feet 5 inches
Exterior Height (with 2nd A/C)13 feet 5 inches
Exterior Width8 feet 7 inches
Exterior Width (with slides out)16 feet 4 inches
Interior Height (main)8 feet7 inches
Interior Height (upper deck)6 feet 8 inches
Awning Length15 feet 0 inches
19 feet 0 inches
Tank Capacities 
Fresh Water Capacity (gals)75
Gray Water Capacity (gals)87
Black Tank Capacity (gals)50
Propane Unit (lbs)120
Sleepsup to 4
Water Heater16
Furnace BTU40000
Tire Size215/75R17.5’H’
2024 Jayco Pinnacle 38FBRK fifth wheel trailer. Source: https://www.jayco.com/

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