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The BEST Bunkhouse Travel Trailer Review, Spec & Video

The most important thing when trying to find the BEST Bunkhouse Travel Trailer is firstly to understand what you are looking for. There are thousands of floor plans of good quality brands. Still, you would have to think in advance about how many people you expect to accommodate: is it for a family of 4 or a large family of 10? What level of comfort do you desire, for instance, with an outdoor kitchen, a TV mounted outside, toilet and shower, fireplace, luxury options, or affordable? Also, you should think about the purpose: is it a bunkhouse to live in or the best for the money for traveling? Lastly, I would recommend having a budget in mind because the insane floor plans will tempt you, as I show you in this review.

Highest Quality Bunkhouse Travel Trailers

As you can indeed deduce after this introduction, if you are wondering “what is the best bunkhouse travel trailer”, let me tell you that the best bunkhouse travel trailer is the one that meets a reasonable price and quality ratio (good for the money) and also meets your expectations of comfort and sleeping capacity you want for your family. That will be the bunkhouse that you feel best suits you.

That’s why this review seeks to show you different options like the best for families, for half-ton trucks, with outdoor kitchens, luxury options, the best for live-in, etc., besides taking you to many other campers that can be adjusted to what you are looking for as small and light bunkhouse of a specific size or weight, to be compatible with the towing capacity of your vehicle or the length you prefer to maneuver. I’m sure you’ll find more than one option to your liking.

As always, we select in our reviews only the highest quality bunkhouse travel trailers and RV manufacturers who make the best bunkhouse travel trailer floor plans.

Bunkhouse Travel Trailers Floor Plans

Here are our eight favorite campers with bunk beds for each category. All these options have a bathroom featuring a toilet and a shower. Plus, an extended review at the end of this article, including many other bunkhouse travel trailer floor plans based on size and weight.

  • Clipper Ultra-Lite 15CBH: Small bunkhouse under 2,600 pounds
  • Jay Flight SLX 154BH: Best bunkhouse trailer for the money
  • Flagstaff E-Pro E16BH: Best travel trailer with bunk beds for small families
  • Reflection 312BHTS: Luxury 2-bedroom bunkhouse trailer from 4 to 7 people
  • Passport GT 2401BH, a bunkhouse trailer for a large family of 8
  • Premier 33BKPR: Best 2-bedroom bunkhouse trailer for a large family of 10
  • Cherokee 272BRB: new travel trailer floor plan with bunk beds for half-ton trucks
  • Rockwood Signature 8336BH: bunkhouse trailer for a full-time living (sleeps 6)

Best Small Bunkhouse Travel Trailer with a Bathroom

The Clipper Ultra-Lite 15CBH by Coachmen RV is the best and smallest bunkhouse travel trailer and one of the most popular options for good reasons. First, it is a camper under 18 feet that weighs only 2,540 pounds, making it easy to tow and stow. It is also the most affordable trailer on our list and an excellent value for the money. Although it is a simple floor plan with no slides out, this travel trailer has a bathroom with a toilet and a shower. If all this didn’t convince you, this last detail will. This bunkhouse trailer can sleep up to 4 people.

bunkhouse travel trailer floor plans
Checking Bunkhouse Travel Trailer Floor plans? Check this out: 18 feet long and under 2,600 pounds with bathroom and two bunk beds (28″x72″): Clipper Ultra-Lite 15CBH has an excellent value for the money – Source of photos and specs: https://coachmenrv.com/

Find out more about the Top 7 Lightest Bunkhouse Travel Trailers with Bathrooms from 2,540 to 4,978 pounds by following the link to our most recent review.

Best Bunkhouse Travel Trailer for the Money

Jayco Jay Flight SLX 154BH Travel Trailer is one of the options for buyers looking for the best bunkhouse travel trailer floor plan on the market. This 18-ft long camper has a toilet and a shower, a bunkhouse increasing the sleeping capacity up to 4 people while still super lightweight (less than 3,000 pounds), and easy to pull behind an SUV. This trailer is an excellent option for families who are looking for an affordable, high-quality basic camper trailer with no slide-out.

best bunkhouse travel trailer for the money
Jayco Jay Flight SLX 154BH Best 18-feet Camper with Bunkhouse for the Money – Source: https://www.jayco.com/

Best Bunkhouse Travel Trailer for Families

It seems redundant to talk about bunkhouses for families, right? Families are mainly looking for bunkhouse travel trailers to save space inside but also to have separate areas for the kids, while adults prefer some privacy. The following bunkhouse floor plans have a great sleeping capacity for families and large families, from 4 to 10 people.

Best Bunkhouse Travel Trailer for Small Families with Outdoor Kitchen

The Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro E16BH is one of the recommended options for those looking for the best travel trailer with a bunkhouse for small families (that sleeps 4) with an outdoor kitchen, one slide-out, and a bathroom. It features two bunk beds of 30″ x 74″. Price starts at $33,700 MSRP.

  • Exterior Length 19 feet.
  • UVW     3,280 lbs.
  • GVWR   4,486 lbs.
best bunkhouse trailer for small families
The Flagstaff E-Pro E16BH is a 20-ft bunkhouse trailer floor plan for small families – Source: https://forestriverinc.com/

Let’s see the Flagstaff E-Pro E16BH 360 Tour Video to discover one of the best bunkhouse trailers for a family of 4.

Luxury Bunkhouse Travel Trailer From 4 to 7 People

When we talk about high-quality bunkhouse trailers that are built for last, Grand Design RV comes to mind. It is also synonymous with luxury. In this case, we chose this luxury bunkhouse trailer, the perfect choice for families pursuing a full-timer style of life.

This time, I would like to show you one of my favorite layouts in the Grand Design Reflection series: the Reflection 312BHTS. It is a luxury 2-bedroom bunkhouse travel trailer prepared as a 4-season.

What I like the most about this floor plan is how easily you can increase your sleeping capacity in this versatile camper. If you only use the beds and the bunk beds, the sleeping capacity of this trailer is up to 4 people. Depending on the optional layout you choose, you may increase the sleeping capacity up to 7-8 people when receiving visitors. That’s why, for me, this is a great luxury RV with a bunkhouse for a family of 4 to a large family.

Regarding the two bedrooms, there is a front queen master bedroom and a rear private bunkhouse. This bunk room features two bunk beds and two more extra spaces for sleeping inside when you fold down the tri-fold sofa, an entertainment center, drawers, and a wardrobe closet, being a perfect room for four people.

luxury bunkhouse travel trailer
Grand Design Reflection 312BHTS: Luxury Best Bunkhouse Travel Trailer for Families of 4 to 7 People with a fantastic private rear bunk room  – Source: www.granddesignrv.com
  • Exterior Length 37 feet, 4 inches.
  • UVW     9,432 lbs.
  • GVWR   11,295 lbs.

For Large Families That Sleeps 8

The PASSPORT GT 2401BH features a private front master queen bedroom and a large slide-out booth dinette. It is a perfect bunkhouse travel trailer for a family of 8 people with two double-size bunk beds (51″ x 74″). Price starts at $47,863 MSRP.

  • Exterior Length 29 feet, 3 inches.
  • UVW     5,670 lbs.
  • GVWR   7,600 lbs.
best bunkhouse travel trailer for a large family of 8
Best bunkhouse travel trailer for a family of 8: PASSPORT GT 2401BH floor plan
Source of photos and specs:

For Large Families That Sleeps 10

The next best bunkhouse travel trailer for large families with a sleeping capacity of up to 10 people is definitely a must-see trailer with a rear bunk room. The Bullet Premier 33BKPR offers two bedrooms: a front private master queen bedroom with one ensuite bath and a rear private bunk room with a half bath inside. Price starts at $57,885 (MSRP).

biggest bunkhouse travel trailer

The Premier 33BKPR is a 2-bedroom bunkhouse travel trailer under 10,000 lbs, perfect for large families (sleeps 10).

  • Exterior Length 37 feet, 11 inches.
  • UVW     8,478 lbs.
  • GVWR   9,800 lbs.

As you can appreciate in the floor plan below, the rear bunkhouse has a bunk slide-out, a flip-up bunk bed, a double-size bunk bed, and a half-bath inside the bunk room.

bunkhouse trailer for a large family of 10
The Premier 33BKPR is a 2-bedroom bunkhouse, perfect for large families (sleeps 10). Source of photos: https://www.keystonerv.com/

If you are into travel trailers with bunk rooms, don’t miss our most extensive review with the 12 Best Rear and Mid Bunk Room Travel Trailers on the Current Market.

Best Bunkhouse Travel Trailer for Half-Ton Trucks

Cherokee 272BRB by Forest River is one of the newest 2024 floor plan travel trailers worth seeing. Known as Cherokee Wolf Den, the 272BRB is an excellent option for the best bunkhouse travel trailer for half-ton trucks.

This new floor plan offers a private front queen master bedroom, a living room with an entertainment center, a kitchen with a walk-in pantry in the middle of the RV, and a full dry bathroom next to a bunkhouse with double bunk beds. Plus, there is a quick connection for a grill outside and a second entertainment center with a TV mounted outside.

best bunkhouse travel trailer for half-ton trucks
Forest River Cherokee 272BRB: Great Bunkhouse Trailer for 1/2 ton truck. Source: https://forestriverinc.com

Best Bunkhouse Travel Trailer for Full-Time Living

The Rockwood Signature 8336BH is one of our recommended campers from our list containing the Best Bunkhouse for Full-time Living. Families pursuing long-term RV living should consider this 4-slide-out travel trailer.

travel trailer with bunk beds for full-timers
Rockwood Signature 8336BH: Best Bunkhouse Trailer for Full-Time Living– Source: https://forestriverinc.com/

This camper trailer features two bedrooms, offering a sleeping capacity for families of 5 to 9 members, A queen or king master bedroom with large closets prepared for a washer and dryer combo, an island kitchen, a living room with a fireplace, and entertainment centers, and a bunkhouse.

  • Exterior Length 36 feet, 8 inches.
  • UVW     9,669 lbs.
  • GVWR   11,320 lbs.

Bunkhouse Travel Trailer Floor Plans Classified by Size and Weight

The following buyers’ guides summarize an extensive review of the bunkhouse travel trailer floor plans classified according to the size and weight specifications currently on the market.

Bunkhouse Trailers Between 35 ft and Less than 20 ft Long

Bunkhouse Trailers Between 8,000 and Less than 3,000 Lbs

highest quality bunkhouse travel trailer

Final Thoughts about the Options for the Best Bunkhouse Travel Trailer

Let’s see a couple of final thoughts that may help you in your buyer’s search.

Thinking on families or couples expecting to receive some guests, our first two campers recommended as best bunkhouse travel trailers are Clipper Ultra-Lite 15CBH (Best Small Under 2,600 pounds and only 18 feet long) and Jayco Jay Flight SLX 154BH (Best for the Money). Both options feature a bathroom with a toilet and a shower.

Regarding the Best Bunkhouse Travel Trailer for Families, we propose to see the following floor plans: Flagstaff E-Pro E16BH (perfect for small families), Grand Desing Reflection 312BHTS (as a luxury bunkhouse also suitable for full-timers), and two options from Keystone RV for large families: PASSPORT GT 2401BH (up to 8 people) and Premier 33BKPR (up to 10 people).

The new 2024 Cherokee 272BRB floor plan is an excellent option for half-ton trucks with double bunk beds, a grill, and a TV mounted outside.

Rockwood Signature 8336BH by Forest River is another of our recommended options for those looking for the Best Bunkhouse Trailer for Full-time Living. However, I encourage you to check out our post with an extensive review regarding the Best Campers To Live In by following the link.

Overall, the most crucial thing when trying to find the BEST Bunkhouse Travel Trailer is firstly to understand what you are looking for and to find a floor plan that features all your needs for the purpose you will give to that camper, whether it is traveling or living with your family. See you in our next post!

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