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Best Off-Road Camper with Bathroom

At the beginning of the new year, it is time to evaluate the offer of the new floor plans and proposed models of off-road campers. Although when looking for a quality brand of an off-road camper, robustness, suspension, and capabilities are the first things we check, in this review, we focus on comfort and the convenience of having a bathroom available in the trailer. In the following paragraphs, we answer one of the most frequently asked questions when looking for an off-road RV to buy: What is the best off-road camper with a bathroom? Here is an outstanding camper design you should consider. Believe me, watch the video! Totally worth it.

Best Off Road Camper with Bathroom

How do you choose the best off-road travel trailer with a bathroom from a large number of off-road camper trailers on the current market? Obviously, we can’t rely exclusively on the fact that it only has a bathroom.

Many people limit their search to a specific budget, but this is not the intention of this review. It aims to show you why some options on the market are better than others.

In the following paragraphs, we will describe in detail, point by point, what we based our selection of the best off-road camper trailer with a bathroom for 2024, which is the desired feature in this review.

What to Look for When Buying an Off-Road Camper Trailer?

People who are interested in off-road travel trailers are generally looking for a rugged and versatile camping unit that can handle the challenges of off-road travel and camping in remote areas.

Therefore, when we are looking for an off-road camper, some of the properties that we should evaluate before buying are the following:

  • Review the durability and robustness.
  • Compare the off-road capabilities between RV quality brands.
  • Be sure to have the must-have amenities you are expecting for comfort and convenience.
  • Size and weight: Do you have the right towing capacity? Can you maneuver the trailer?
  • Storage according to your purposes
  • Be sure to have the off-grid capabilities according to the use you will give to your off-road travel trailer, such as camp in remote areas without access to power or water hookups.

These properties are what make the difference between an off-road camper, a truck camper, and other RVs such as a travel trailer or even a fifth-wheel trailer.

1.    Review the Durability and Robustness of the Off-Road Camper Trailer

Off-road travel trailers need to be able to handle rough terrain, so durability is a key consideration. Buyers look for trailers that are built with high-quality materials and construction techniques that can withstand the rigors of off-road travel.  

The materials used for an overland camping vehicle are key in determining durability. It will undoubtedly impact the cost of the RV and the resale value of the camper. Among the most common materials are aluminum and composite materials such as Azdel Onboard® and Transcore®, which aim to create solid and wood-free materials with a blend of polypropylene and fiberglass. In addition, the combination of aluminum and these composite materials aims to contribute as little as possible to the weight of the RV, to be weather- and temperature-resistant, and odorless.

2.    Compare the Off-Road Capabilities of RV Quality Brands

Off-road travel trailers should be designed with features that enable them to handle rugged terrain, including high ground clearance, heavy-duty suspension, and all-terrain tires. Buyers look for trailers that can handle a variety of terrain types, including sand, mud, and rocky terrain.

3.    The Level of Comfort and Convenient Off-Grid Capabilities You Are Expecting for an Off-Road Camper Trailer

This is critical to not regret after purchasing an off-road travel trailer.

Generally speaking, travel trailers offer a lot of comfort features depending on the budget and weight you want or can tow. Off-road travel trailers are not an exception.

The more expensive off-road camper trailers are equipped with advanced suspension systems, more resistant materials, and intelligent navigation systems and also present a design with features that you would find in the best floor plans of travel trailers or luxury fifth wheel trailers such as queen beds, bunk beds, or even deluxe kitchen outside plus a full kitchen inside.

No doubt, these luxury features will impact the total cost of the off-road camper trailer. But it must also be aligned with the use and your expectation of use.

The key question is: What is the level of Comfort You (and your partner or family) Are Expecting for an Off-Road Camper Trailer?

Off-grid capabilities such as suspension systems, rugged materials, and a smart navigation system make the off-road travel trailer more expensive. Although it may seem unbelievable, many times, off-road trailer buyers do not find it pleasant to camp without water and electricity hookups. They feel a tremendous lack of comfort and decide that boondocking or mooch docking is not for them. We see this quite frequently, especially in young couples who are first-time camper owners or in families who are experienced RVers but where each member of the family has different expectations of comfort.

The different brands of off-road camper manufacturers offer a wide range of equipment with solar panels, deep cycle batteries, inverters, and appliances with inverters to save energy while being versatile and able to run on gas. In addition, RVers can upgrade these systems to suit their needs.

The question is whether they are in tune with the type of comfort you will have during overland camping in an off-road camper. Suppose overland camping without water and electric hookups is what the RVer is looking for but decides to have more space inside his trailer, more appliances, and comfort. In that case, he will undoubtedly find more budget-friendly options in the North American market.

4.    Best Lightweight Off-Road Camper with Bathroom: Size and weight

Don’t we all look for the same things when reviewing an RV? Good quality, maneuverable (not too long), as comfortable as possible (not too short), towable (so not too heavy and enough to be significant but not need to change car, SUV, or truck to tow it), and of course economical or within budget considering an off-road travel trailer will have expensive solar systems, deep cycle batteries, large capacity tanks, etc.

review of the Best Off Road camper With a bathroom current market
Best Off-Road Camper with Bathroom for 2023

Best Off-Road Camper Trailer with Bathroom for 2023

We chose Pause by Palomino Off-Road Camper as the Best Off-Road Travel Trailer With Bathroom for 2023 and 2024.

Why did we choose the Palomino Pause as the Best Off Road Travel Trailer With a Bathroom? Let’s see:

The Pause by Palomino is designed to be rugged and capable of handling off-road terrain, with features such as heavy-duty suspension, all-terrain tires, and high ground clearance. Moreover, there are several reasons to choose the 2023 Palomino Pause trailer as the best Off-Road camper with a Bathroom: lightweight, durable, comfortable, smart, and with great off-grid capabilities.

best off road camper with bathroom
Best Off-Road Camper with Bathroom on the current market

Let’s see:

Lightweight. This point may seem arguable when compared to other brands of RVs, and you may think it doesn’t take the prize for being lightweight. But when you consider all it has to offer, for example, the Pause by Palomino has a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of less than 10,000 pounds and a dry weight of under 8,000 pounds, not bad at all. So, considering all the off-grid features and comfort, it is the Best Lightweight Off-Road camper for 2023, and at least for now, it seems it may continue to be the best for 2024.

Durability & Robustness. Materials used include a clean aluminum-only frame, not welded, only riveted, and Transcore® composite. In addition, the walls and roof are made from a single piece. No wood or glass in the structure. Only high-quality materials with high resistance to punctures and abrasions are used. Plus, there are polyurea-coated front walls and extrusions. Dual Paned for windows with integrated shades and screens.

Smart. Powered by Garmin System. Independent Air Suspension System app controlled.

Comfort and convenience: Features such as a comfortable bed, a functional kitchen, and a bathroom with a toilet and shower are important considerations and all the boxes are checked for the 2023 Palomino Pause Off-road trailer.

best lightweight off road camper trailer with bathroom

Off-grid capabilities: solar panels (up to 1200 total watts), large water tanks, a 3000W inverter, and a great battery bank that allows you to camp off-grid for extended periods are also features checked with the 2023 Palomino Pause Off-road trailer.

Another reason why we choose it as The Best. For example, the Pause has the largest water tank of any off-road camper on the market. 76 Gallon Fresh Water Tank, while competitors are between 44 and 64 gallons.

Check out more differences between Palomino Pause and its competitors.

The Bathroom

Not only is the Pause RV the best off-road camper with a bathroom we found on the current market, but it may also be the best bathroom you can find in an off-road camper trailer!

It is a complete, dry bathroom comparable to the bathrooms you would find in a luxury fifth-wheel trailer. The shower has a fabric curtain and is huge! A 6-foot person can shower and move their arms without difficulty. You won’t be hitting the walls or ceiling while showering. There is no glass or wood to deteriorate or break. The dimensions of the bathroom are very good for an RV in the shape of a travel trailer. The toilet is porcelain and can be foot-activated. There is also a mirror, aluminum cabinets with silent closing, and a large hand basin, in addition to the classic skylight and fan offered by today’s campers.

best off road trailer with bathroom

Have a look and see the differences between the different Palomino floor plans: Pause XC20.2, Pause XC20.3, Pause Interlude XC20.4, and Pause Interval XC16.4 in our latest post about the different floor plans of the 2023 Palomino Pause Travel Trailer Review & Walkthrough Video.

It is definitely worth seeing these floor plans and knowing more about the Best Off Road Camper With Bathroom for 2023.

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Palomino Off-Road Camper 2023

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