Treehouse Camper: Is a Good Hard-Shell Rooftop Tent for Trucks?

The Treehouse Camper is a hard-shell rooftop tent for trucks, the kind of pop-top tent that emulates a clamshell rooftop tent. Versatile and lightweight, it is possible to add to the bed truck of any truck as the manufacturer can prepare a custom frame for your bed truck and sleep over your truck. So, Is the Snap Outfitters Camper a Good Hard-Shell Rooftop Tent for Trucks? This is our Snap Outfitters Treehouse camper review.

What Is the Treehouse Camper?

The Treehouse Camper is the hard-shell rooftop tent for trucks, created by Richard W. Dennis in 2017 by a Pennsylvanian small company, Snap Outfitters. It is also known as the Snap treehouse camper, Treehouse truck camper, or just Treehouse, as they say.

It is a pop-top tent that you can attach to the bed truck and remove or just leave it there.

The design is straightforward, with a large open area in the truck bed and four locking metal flaps on the sides. There is a ladder to reach the sleeping platform. The bed is on the second floor of the Treehouse Camper. A full-size double bed expands and pops up over the truck cab. It’s a great option for sleeping over your truck.

A Treehouse Camper is a customized truck cap. The Snap Outfitters camper is a good mix between the best rooftop tent and pop top truck tent on the current market with a characteristic shape of a clamshell camper. The Treehouse Camper’s marine cloth top is of high quality. Although the color meteor grey is the norm for the canvas, any other color may be customized for $75.

When completely extended, the Treehouse Camper allows you to walk upright the length of your truck bed. You can simply organize your belongings and even make meals inside. You can quickly and simply remove the sleeping deck at the end of the day. Then, when parked, the bed platform folds up into the pop-up entrance and into the whole cavity of the pop-up.

The Treehouse is a mid-size caravan with a basic, lightweight design for the bed truck, similar to the Kimbo Camper but with a semi-rigid folding structure.

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Snap Outfitters Treehouse camper review.
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Who Makes the Treehouse Camper and Where?

Snap! Outfitters opened its doors in January of 2017. They produced around 60 Treehouses campers between 2017 and 2020, ensuring that quality was our first concern and making tiny improvements along the way. The Snap Outfitters’ manufacturing facility is located in the small town of Glenville, Pennsylvania, where the Treehouse Campers are hand-made it, one-by-one.

Snap Outfitters Treehouse

The Treehouse Camper is manufactured by a small family company of three, the Kay family, which made high-quality items and provide exceptional customer service.

In 2020, Ross Kay was employed by Snap as a fabricator and welder for the Snap Outfitters Treehouse. The Kay family – Ross, Roger, and Mandy – bought the company in March 2021.

Nowadays, Ross is a co-owner, fabricator, and welder. He hand-builds each Treehouse camper. His wife, Mandy, is the sales and marketing manager.

As we are going to review in the following paragraphs, one of the greatest advantages of choosing the Snap Outfitters Camper is that they provide a high level of customization to meet specific customer demands.

Meet them in this short video:

Snap Outfitters Treehouse Video

How Much Does the Snap Outfitters Camper Weigh?

How Much Does the Snap Outfitters Camper Weigh? Depending on the chosen customization, the minimum weight is 350 lbs. These 350-pound campers are fantastic solutions for individuals wishing to adventure in smaller trucks with limited cargo capacity.

Even with some customizations not exceeding 500 lbs. Being a type of truck camper useful for most of the payload capacities of the market. Mostly any bed truck can easily support 500 pounds.

How Much Does a Treehouse Camper Cost?

How Much Does a Treehouse Camper Cost? A $1,500 prepayment will reserve your position in line. According to the website, the cost of the Treehouse Camper is $11,600, in August 2022. When the metal is ready to be cut, the remaining 50% is payable. When your Treehouse is finished, the final balance is payable.

How Long Until Have My Treehouse Camper?

Each Treehouse camper is custom-built and entirely customizable. Although the lead time is subject to fluctuate, they estimate an 18-week lead time from deposit to onsite complimentary installation or shipping from Pennsylvania.

What is Included in the Standard Price of the Snap Outfitters Camper?

  • The matte black powder finish
  • Third brake light
  • Meteor Grey cloth with two three-layer side flaps (clear, screen, and outer)
  • One back door with gas struts (Flip-up)
  • A sleeping platform that can be fully elevated.
  • Electrical plugs (Two USBs, one 12v cigarette outlet; Must be powered by an external power station)
  • Carpeted sleeping platform and wedge ceiling
  • Two T-Tracks on the roof – Insulated roof – Double-sized, three-inch-thick memory foam mattress
  • A ladder to reach the sleeping platform
  • Installation clamps for bed rails – Truck cap seal for the base
  • Free installation at the Snap Outfitters Pennsylvania location.

Snap Outfitters Treehouse Review – Is it a Good Choice for a Roof Top Tent?

Is it a The Treehouse Camper Good Choice for a Roof Top Truck Tent? Let’s review the Pros and Cons of the Snap Outfitters Camper.

Go Camping in a Snap! Snap Outfitters Treehouse camper review.

Pros and Cons of the Snap Outfitters Camper

Benefits of The Treehouse vs. Other Truck Campers

  • Very Lightweight
  • No Full Payment Upfront
  • Cost-Benefit Adequate, Affordable Option for a truck camper
  • Adequate Lead time
  • Customizable 100%

Very Lightweight Truck Camper

The materials used in the construction result in a very lightweight truck camper that can be readily added and removed from a vehicle. Considering that with the heaviest customization of all it does not exceed 500 lbs. it is a very versatile camper for most trucks that can support a payload capacity of 500 lbs.

Treehouse Campers only weigh a few hundred pounds, in contrast to other truck campers and other clamshells that may be incredibly hefty and even require a dual vehicle.

It follows that you won’t need to improve your vehicle in order to use it for excursions because most trucks can transport them rather readily. You may be able to enter places with a smaller vehicle than with a larger truck.

No Full Payment Upfront

No Full Payment Upfront. I consider that not having to make the full payment upfront is a great advantage. For a deposit of $1,500, you will secure your place in line. The full price of the Treehouse is $11,600 according to the website in August 2022. The 50% of the remaining balance is due when the metal is ready to be cut. The final balance is due when your Treehouse is complete.

Cost-Benefit Adequate, Affordable Option for a Truck Camper

Cost-Benefit Adequate, Affordable Option for a truck camper. Especially considering that the materials are of excellent quality, it is possible to customize to any size and the customer service is personalized and the best.

Depending on size, truck campers can cost anywhere from $7,500 and $40,000. The price of a Treehouse Camper is $11,600 (August/2022). Despite their affordable prices, they utilize high-quality, long-lasting items. Choosing a Treehouse will give you the most value for your money if you desire a durable camper. The Treehouse Camper is made by Outfitters using strong materials. The canvas is made of HarborTime Edge marine fabric and an aluminum outer shell.

This makes it possible for individuals to utilize their Treehouse comfortably in almost any condition. It is precious not to have to change your camping arrangements or plans according to the weather. Additionally, there will be enough room for you to wait out the weather and carry on with your travels.

Adequate Lead Time

Adequate Lead Time. Each Treehouse camper is built to order and completely customize. Although the lead time is subject to change, they estimate an 18-week lead time, from deposit to installation onsite or shipment.

Custom-Made and Customizable 100%

Custom-made and Customizable 100% Many customers, however, choose to have their Treehouse Camper permanently linked so that they are always ready for an adventure.

Not only is it customizable, but they listen, understand, and know what the camper wants. So, the customizations they offer as Add-ons on their website are highly recommended and will make for a more comfortable stay on your travels.

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Cons of The Treehouse Camper

Customizations Increase the Treehouse Cost Significantly

Although the conventional Treehouse Camper, which starts at $11,600, is a very inexpensive option for a truck camper, I’m sure you’ll want to make a few modifications to get the most out of your Treehouse. The cost and weight of your camper might substantially rise depending on how much customizing you perform.

Comfort According to the Camper Type

Another inherent disadvantage of a truck camper is the comfort compared to the smallest travel trailer on the market. So always keep in mind which RV is right for you when making your choice.

The costs may be comparable but the comfort is completely different. The treehouse has no bathroom, kitchen, or dinette of course, and is only for a maximum of 2 persons. Expect the comfort of a rooftop tent truck.

Are There Other Similar Hard Shell Roof Top Tents For Trucks Similar to The Treehouse Camper On The Market?

Well, yes and no. There are more economical and lighter but with less interior space. On the other hand, many on the market are for placement on the roofs of SUVs. On the other hand, the Treehouse Camper is more spacious because it uses all the space of the bed truck.

Some examples of similar products (although not exactly the same) are:

  • Hard Shell Roof Top Tent KABARI (website here)
  • Hard Shell Roof Top Tent Armadillo®
  • Roof Top Tent James Baroud (website here)
  • The Hard-sided Redtail Rooftop Camper (RTC) (website here)

How to Get Out the Most of Your Treehouse Camper

The building materials utilized to result in a relatively lightweight tent truck that can be easily loaded and withdrawn from a vehicle. Many customers, on the other hand, want to have their Treehouse Camper permanently connected so that they are always ready for an adventure. We strongly recommend doing so.

Treehouse Custom-Made: The Winter Velcro Kit
Treehouse Camper Custom-Made: The Winter Velcro Kit
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Some options to customize that we recommend consider to Get Out the Most of Your Treehouse Camper.

  • The removal of the tailgate to incorporate Full-sized French Doors. It is highly recommended if you use the Treehouse camper for long stays. It is one of the most expensive upgrades, it is $1200.
  • The Velcro kit to winterize the interior of the Treehouse camper is also a recommended option if you plan to spend some free time in your pop-top camper during the cold season. Just remember to order your winterization kit ($650) in advance because they are prepared to order and take a few weeks. By default, your camper already has velcro straps that can easily be attached to the winterization kit.
  • A third window in the canvas, wide in the rear sector is my recommendation if you like to enjoy watching nature from your bed as much as I do. It will be $500 very well invested.

Conclusion: The Treehouse Snap Outfitters camper is an excellent choice if you are looking for a good-quality hard-shell rooftop tent for a truck. Versatile, simple, and excellent to fill all your free time with outdoor adventures.

treehouse camper snap outfitters camper hard shell rooftop tent for trucks clamshell pop top tent truck tent
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