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The 5 Biggest 5th Wheel Campers Among the Longest for 2024

5th wheels are among the biggest and longest RVs on the road, only surpassed in dimensions by expansive luxury Class A RVs and large park models of travel trailers. For RVers seeking unmatched living space while traversing North America’s scenic highways, fifth-wheel trailers are pushing the upper limits of on-road size and luxury. 2024 offers an unparalleled range of enormous 5th wheel choices for RVers demanding maximum interior space. High-end customized models are pushing 48 feet, family-friendly floorplans still stretching over 46 feet, and more affordable large 5th wheels – but all ranked among the biggest available. In this review, we’ll highlight the 5 biggest 5th-wheel camper floorplans that are among the longest that you can buy in 2024.

Longest, Largest or Biggest? How Slide-Outs Unlock True Fifth Wheel Potential

Often, the discussion revolves around the terms “biggest” and “longest” in the context of 5th-wheel campers, highlighting potential confusion between square footage and overall size. While these elite fifth wheels rank as some of the longest exteriorly, spanning up to 48 feet tip-to-tail, their sizeable interiors stem not just from the length but from an abundance of massive slide-outs. Floor plans with slide-outs significantly impact the interior space of these campers. The inclusion of more and bigger slide-outs than average campers contributes to the spaciousness, making them bigger inside and not necessarily longer. Ultimately, the number and size of slides dictate the true inner “bigness” of the 5th wheel campers reviewed in this post.

Chart with Biggest 5th Wheel Campers Among the Longest Available For 2024

The following table summarizes a comparison of the biggest 5th-wheel campers, detailing their lengths and base prices. It is organized from the longest fifth wheel to the shortest. The shortest one is still significantly longer than the overall average and is only considered ‘shortest’ when compared to the longest.

Biggest 5th Wheel Camper (Brand, Model, and Trim) Length of the Longest Base Price
New Horizons Majestic M47RLMP5S Fifth Wheel 48 feet $317,250
Luxe Elite 46RKB Fifth Wheel 48 feet $247,947
Prime Time Sanibel 3952FBWB Fifth Wheel 46 feet 2 inches $97,274
Forest River Riverstone 425FO Fifth Wheel 45 feet 2 inches $208,616
Jayco Pinnacle 38FLGS Fifth Wheel 44 feet 5 inches $163,111

The base price may be an average price or the MSRP shown in USD, and it is only for readers’ orientation.

There is a wide variety of prices, levels of customization, and luxury features among these five options reviewed. All are absolutely luxurious, but the options from New Horizons and Luxe RV are true high-end homes on wheels with solid furniture, ceramics, and expensive and heavy materials.

New Horizons Majestic M47RLMP5S: Biggest 5th Wheel Camper

With an exterior spanning a mammoth 48 feet courtesy of an extended rear slide, the enormously customizable New Horizons Majestic M47RLMP5S fifth wheel lives up to its name as the biggest and longest 5th wheel camper model in production, flaunting an unrivaled 6 slides that open the already-massive interior to RVers desiring the utmost residential roominess.

Floor Plan and Layout

  • Front bedroom with bathroom
  • Mid bedroom with half-bath
  • Rear living room and kitchen
biggest 5th wheel camper majestic m47rlmp5s floor plan
Source: New Horizons

The Majestic M47RLMP5S fifth wheel marries residential luxury with rugged capability. Cedar-lined closet hampers and wrap-around nightstands pamper while 9,000-pound independent suspension axles and electric/hydraulic disc brakes empower travel adventures. Dual pane tinted windows and soft-touch ceilings set an upscale tone, complementing the natural cherry cabinets, stainless appliances, hide-a-bed sofa, and conveyor that stores the spare tire.

new horizons majestic m47rlmp5s fifth wheel kitchen
Source: New Horizons

The kitchen dazzles with natural cherry cabinetry on steel glides, illuminated by rope lighting. Stainless steel appliances like the convection microwave and 3-burner range join the solid surface countertops to enable easy cooking. Details like the slide-out pantry, island with lighting, and spice racks built into the cabinets reveal a kitchen designed for chefs on the open road.

new horizons majestic m47rlmp5s fifth wheel living room
Source: New Horizons

In the bathroom, touches like brushed nickel fixtures, soft-touch ceilings, and baseboards create a soothing, spa-like atmosphere. With luxuries like the wood pocket door granting privacy from the living room and durable vinyl flooring underfoot, this bathroom blends luxury with rugged practicality.

new horizons majestic m47rlmp5s fifth wheel bedroom
Source: New Horizons

This thoughtfully appointed home-away-from-home lets owners explore the open road with four-season comfort and a full-time living style.

Discontinued New Horizons Majestic M48RKFB5S

So far, the longest custom 5th-wheel camper was the Majestic M48RKFB5S by New Horizons, with an overall length of 48 feet, plus a read slide-out that added 2 more feet to its large body. However, it is important to note that this camper is no longer in production, which means that it is currently only available on the second-hand market.

Quick Specs

  • Base Price: $317,250    
  • Exterior Length: 48 Feet
  • Dry Weight: 24,060 pounds
  • Hitch Weight: 3,897 pounds
  • Slide-Outs: 6
  • Sleeping Capacity: variable, according to the customization

For more information on the New Horizons Majestic M47RLMP5S and its other available floorplans, check out New Horizons’ website by clicking here.

Luxe Elite 46RKB: Longest 5th Wheel Camper

Claiming the title of the second longest 5th wheel trailer at a full 48 feet, the palatial Elite 46RKB from Luxe epitomizes upscale living on wheels with 6 massive slide-outs and high-end features, establishing this mammoth model as one of the biggest and most opulent customizable luxury fifth wheels on the market.

Floor Plan and Layout

  • Front bedroom with bathroom
  • Mid living room
  • Rear kitchen
longest 5th wheel camper luxe elite 46rkb floor plan
Source: Luxe RV

The massive, 48-foot Elite 46RKB fifth wheel is a true luxury “home on wheels” with high-end features rivaling premium residential construction. Its 6 slide-outs, 25,999-lb capacity, independent suspension, insulation, and customization options facilitate comfortable four-season and extended living.

luxe elite 46rkb fifth wheel kitchen
Source: Luxe RV

The living room features multiple couches, a fireplace, and a large smart TV. The master bedroom has a king bed, wardrobe, laundry facilities, and en-suite bath with dual vanities. External highlights consist of solar power, a backup generator, a 4-camera system, exterior entertainment, and keyless entry. Built with no compromises on space, quality, or luxury, the 46RKB starts at $247,947 to serve as a mobile mansion substitute for a permanent residence.

luxe elite 46rkb 5th wheel camper bedroom
Source: Luxe RV

Overall, the Luxe Elite 46RKB is the second longest 5th-wheel camper overall., tied with the New Horizons (first on this list). Both of them fall into the best, longest luxury customizable RVs.

luxe elite 46rkb 5th wheel camper bathroom
Source: Luxe RV

Quick Specs

  • Base Price: $247,947    
  • Exterior Length: 48 Feet
  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: 27,000 pounds
  • Slide-Outs: 6
  • Sleeping Capacity: 4 people

For more information on the Luxe Elite 46RKB and its other available floorplans, check out their website by clicking here.

Prime Time Sanibel 3952FBWB: Biggest Fifth Wheel Bunkhouse

The Prime Time Sanibel 3952FBWB is the biggest fifth-wheel bunkhouse for 2024. It is truly a beauty, and compared with the rest of the campers in this review, it is exceptionally affordable. If you are looking for a two-bedroom camper with a bunkhouse, this may be your floor plan.

Floor Plan and Layout

  • Front bunkhouse for four people, a desk, and a half-bath
  • Mid kitchen and living room
  • Rear master bedroom
biggest 5th wheel camper sanibel 3952fbwb floor plan
Source: Prime Time RV

Spanning an impressive 46 feet 2 inches from front to back, the spacious Sanibel 3952FBWB flaunts one of the largest bunkhouse floorplans on the fifth-wheel market. Despite its formidable size, the interior feels even more expansive thanks to 4 room-expanding slide-outs. With a rear bunk room able to comfortably sleep multiple people, the 3952FBWB takes family-friendly to new heights as one of the biggest bunkhouse models out there.

biggest bunkhouse 5th wheel camper sanibel 3952fbwb
Source: Prime Time RV

Step inside the wide-body construction to find a welcoming living room outfitted with 5 recliners, ample windows that allow natural light to flood the space, and bar stool seating for casual dining.

prime time sanibel 3952fbwb 5th wheel camper bedroom
Source: Prime Time RV

When it’s time to unwind, retire to the front master suite’s king-sized bed while your kids, grandkids, or guests feel right at home in the generously sized front bunk room equipped with a desk and a half bath.

biggest fifth wheel bunkhouse 2024 prime time sanibel 3952fbwb fifth wheel
Source: Prime Time RV

The Sanibel 3952FBWB truly has room for the whole family of 6 people to tag along on 4 season adventures.

As you can see in the photo below, Sanibel redefines the art of mobile living, particularly in its meticulously designed kitchens and bathrooms.

prime time sanibel 3952fbwb 5th wheel camper kitchen
Source: Prime Time RV

Whip up meals in the well-appointed kitchen flanked by a walk-in pantry to store ingredients. The flip-up countertop is fantastic for creating a dynamic kitchen and living room with plenty of space. Conveniences like the industry-leading pass-through storage accessible via the bedroom, bathroom, and exterior, a fireplace, A/C units, central vacuum, and washer and dryer connections ensure comfort.

The Sanibel 3952FBWB offers one of the largest areas inside the camper: comfort, quality construction, and versatility to accommodate everyone.

Quick Specs

  • Base Price: $97,274       
  • Exterior Length: 46 feet 2 inches
  • Dry Weight: 12,875 pounds
  • Hitch Weight: 2,362 pounds
  • Slide-Outs: 4
  • Sleeping Capacity: 6 people

For more information on the Prime Time Sanibel 3952FBWB and its other available floorplans, check out their website by clicking here.

Forest River Riverstone 425FO: Biggest 5th Wheel Office

The Forest River Riverstone 425FO is a huge RV and the biggest 5th-wheel couple’s camper in 2024.

Floor Plan and Layout

  • Front office and living room
  • Mid kitchen
  • Rear bedroom
largest 5th wheel camper forest river riverstone 425fo floor plan

The all-new 425FO floorplan from RiverStone invites full-time RV living with a dedicated office space. A remarkable feature of this floor plan is a front hidden office for two people behind the TV. Slide open the TV panel in the front living room to reveal a private workspace with U-shaped desks and storage cabinets.

biggest 5th wheel office riverstone 425fo camper

In the front living area, there are two opposite slides, theater seating facing a 65″ Smart TV, an entertainment center with a fireplace, and tri-fold sofas for extra sleeping space.

forest river riverstone 425fo 5th wheel camper

The kitchen is fully equipped with residential appliances like a 4-burner range, 18-cu. ft. French door refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, and tons of cabinets. While spacious, counter space is limited, so the flip-up butcher block tries to compensate. The adjacent dining area features a 4-person extendable table.

forest river riverstone 425fo 5th wheel camper kitchen

The rear master bedroom pampers with a king bed, dresser, 39″ TV, and washer/dryer prep.

forest river riverstone 425fo 5th wheel bedroom

The single yet roomy bathroom across the hall has a tub/shower, a foot-flush porcelain toilet, and ample counter space.

forest river riverstone 425fo fifth wheel rv bathoom
Source: Forest River RV

Outside, the 425FO continues the Legacy luxury standards with full-body paint, ample insulation, an electric patio awning with LEDs, an exterior kitchen, and plenty of storage with a giant roll-out tray.

From the concealed workstation to the residential appliances, RiverStone created an RV oasis for remote work without sacrificing comfort. The 425FO fuses home and office into one upscale yet functional package.

With an impressive 6 slide-outs that open up an exceptionally roomy interior, the 45-foot 2-inch Forest River Riverstone 425FO is one of the most sizable fifth wheels on the market today.

Check out more pros and cons in our Forest River Riverstone 425FO Fifth Wheel review.

Quick Specs

  • Base Price: $208,616    
  • Exterior Length: 45 feet 2 inches
  • Dry Weight: 18,451 pounds
  • Hitch Weight: 3,055 pounds
  • Slide-Outs: 6
  • Sleeping Capacity: 4 people

For more information on the Forest River Riverstone 425FO and its other available floorplans, check out their website by clicking here.

Jayco Pinnacle 38FLGS 5th Wheel Camper: A Perfect Balance For Living

The final camper on this list is the luxurious Jayco Pinnacle 38FLGS. This RV is one of the biggest fifth wheels you can buy, and it has a perfect floor plan for full-time RVers. The living room is one of the biggest on the current market; it is massive, and the bathroom is truly beauty. Plus, the kitchen has the cleverest design ever seen in an RV.

Floor Plan and Layout

  • Front living room
  • Mid kitchen
  • Rear bedroom with bathroom
biggest fifth wheel jayco pinnacle 38flgs floor plan
Source: Jayco

The spacious Pinnacle 38FLGS invites you inside with its 4 slide-outs that open up the interior. The central kitchen is a chef’s delight, featuring an island with residential appliances like an optional 18-cu. ft. refrigerator and 4-burner stove, solid surface countertops, and a large single sink. Abundant storage for cooking items comes in the form of cabinets, drawers, and a pantry with motion sensor lighting so items don’t get lost. The adjacent dining space contains a sliding tabletop and a 32″ 4K Smart TV for entertaining.

Among the optional features, it is possible to choose between a half-bath next to the kitchen or a spacious pantry. The kitchen table features a sliding top, creating a magnificent inner space in this 5th-wheel camper, and it is unique among RVs.

Further in is a right slide featuring tri-fold sofas, theater seats, a 50″ 4K TV, and an electric fireplace – enough room for the whole family or guests.

biggest 5th wheel camper jayco pinnacle 38flgs living room
Source: Jayco

The master bedroom contains a king-sized bed or optional queen, plus a convenient walk-in closet prepped for a washer/dryer if wanted.

longest 5th wheel camper jayco pinnacle 38flgs bedroom
Source: Jayco

The private en-suite bathroom is truly lavish, with a foot-flush porcelain toilet, a large walk-in shower boasting a tub, a folding teak seat, a skylight, an adjustable showerhead, and beautiful hard glass doors.

biggest 5th wheel camper jayco
Source: Jayco

Outside, four storage compartments offer space to pack equipment or supplies, while two roomy 14-foot awnings provide ample shade.

Its construction involves Stronghold VBL lamination, Magnum Truss XL6 roof, and Climate Shield weather protection. Conveniences like the universal docking station, hydraulic auto-leveling, 5-Star Handling Package for towing, Whisper Quiet A/C units, farmhouse stainless steel sink, hardwood cabinetry, central vacuum, and wireless control system ensure comfort.

From the well-equipped kitchen to the spa-like bathroom, the Pinnacle 38FLGS delivers supreme comfort on the road with its spacious residential accommodations and luxury amenities. With ample storage and sleeping capacity for up to 6 people and paired with high-end amenities, the 38FLGS is built for luxury fifth-wheel living.

Overall, the Jayco Pinnacle 38FLGS fifth wheel is not only one of the biggest and most luxurious 5th wheel campers, but it is also one of the best RVs for 2024.

If you want to see about the Pinnacle series, check out all the 2024 Jayco Pinnacle 5th-Wheel Floor Plans in this buyer’s guide.

Quick Specs

  • Base Price: $163,111    
  • Exterior Length: 44 feet 5 inches
  • Dry Weight: 15,350 pounds
  • Hitch Weight: 2,865 pounds
  • Slide-Outs: 4
  • Sleeping Capacity: 6 people

For more information on the Jayco Pinnacle 38FLGS and its other available floorplans, check out their website by clicking here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Biggest 5th Wheel Camper for 2024?

Once again, as in every year, for 2024, continue New Horizons with the Majestic M47RLMP5S at the top of the list as the longest and biggest 5th-wheel camper. Nowadays, it is tied with the Luxe Elite 46RKB.

What Is the Biggest Fifth Wheel Bunkhouse?

The 2024 Prime Time Sanibel 3952FBWB offers the biggest fifth-wheel bunkhouse floor plan with four bunk beds, a desk, a half bath, and plenty of space to play inside the room, which is even more comfortable for pets. Also, with a length of 46 feet 2 inches, the Sanibel 3952FBWB is among the biggest 5th-wheel campers on the current market.

How Easy Is It to Tow and Drive One of The Biggest 5th Wheel Campers?

Well, it’s related to your preferences. Towing and driving one of the biggest 5th wheel campers measuring 48 feet is not a task to be taken lightly. It requires careful planning, proper equipment, and experience in handling large trailers. If you’re new to towing such large loads, consider seeking guidance from experienced RVers or taking professional driving courses.

What Kind of Truck Do I Need to Tow the Longest 5th Camper of 48 Feet?

Known as “one-ton trucks,” heavy-duty models from Ford, Chevrolet, GMC, and Ram, like the F-350, Silverado 3500HD, Sierra 3500HD, and Ram 3500, are recommended for towing large 5th wheel campers. Check specifications, consult experts, and ensure the truck aligns with your camper’s needs before purchasing.

what is the longest 5th wheel camper
Luxe Elite 46RKB is one of the biggest 5th-wheel campers, tied with the Majestic M47RLMP5S – Photo Source: Luxe RV
biggest fifth wheel bunkhouse
The 2024 Prime Time Sanibel 3952FBWB offers the biggest fifth-wheel bunkhouse floor plan with four bunk beds, a desk, a half bath, and plenty of space to play inside the room, which is even more comfortable for pets. Source: Prime Time RV

Final Thoughts

While these spacious and oversized fifth wheels maximize living space on a towable platform, RVers looking for similar residential roominess on wheels may also consider class A motorhomes spanning 45+ feet; choosing between a mammoth fifth wheel or oversized motorhome mainly depends on your budget, desired features, towing capabilities, and personal preferences for a towed trailer versus self-driven coach.

If you are still hesitating about multiple options as a full-timer, I suggest reading our most recent post about the 30 Best RVs for Full-Time Living for Singles, Couples, and Families to explore more options.

When it comes to the largest, most spacious 5th-wheel campers available in model year 2024, these behemoth RVs lead the pack. From the 48-foot mega mansion substitutes by New Horizons and Luxe pushing the upper limits of RV length and luxury to family-friendly bunkhouse layouts like the Prime Time Sanibel spanning over 46 feet, all the way down to more reasonably priced 45+ foot models – RVers have an unprecedented selection of extended 5th wheels to serve as comfortable homes on wheels.

While entry prices start around $160k, those desiring unbridled residential luxury can upgrade to half-million-dollar bespoke coaches. One thing is sure – if you want to go big with your RVing adventures, these models have the proportions and features for full-time living without compromising amenities. Just be sure your tow vehicle is equipped for the challenge before hitching one of these road-going giants!

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