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16 Spacious Campers Under 2000 Lbs (Some with Bathroom)

Sometimes, finding RVs and campers weighing less than 2,000 pounds is difficult. This post summarizes the finest small campers on the current market. They are so light they are suitable for easy towing behind a car or a mid-size SUV. With these options, there is no need to have a powerful towing capacity truck to pull these selected campers under 2000 lbs. Moreover, this review focuses on feedback received by customers. Are campers under 2000 lbs with a bathroom, toilet, or shower? Regardless of the limited space inside these campers, some options include bathroom components such as a toilet and a shower, making your camping enjoyment an even better experience. This video below is just a sneak peek of some small campers with bathrooms featured in this buyer’s review.

In the following paragraphs, I will show you today’s top options for the best campers under 2000 lbs from different brand manufacturers, deepening into their features and floorplans.

Let’s see the 16 Best Campers under 2000 pounds with prices, owners’ reviews, highlighted features, specifications, floorplans, and some videos.

Why Choose Campers Dry Weight Under 2000 lbs

Why choose campers under 2000 lbs? One of the most evident advantages is they are the lightest RVs on the market and are easy to tow for almost any vehicle, including cars and mid-size SUVs. However, there are more advantages.

Before reviewing advantages, let me say this post refers to dry weight under 2000 pounds. The dry weight means the weight of the unloaded Camper (UVW), which equals the camper’s weight when the RV manufacturer ships it. The opposite situation is the gross weight (GVW) or the wet weight, including the water in the tanks, cargo, etc.

Let’s dig into the benefits of 2000-pound campers.

First, there are many walkable campers. When many people think of a 2000-pound camper, they can only think of teardrop campers. But there are plenty of options for walkable campers with a dry weight under 2000 lbs.

Also, compared with pop-up campers, the value of hard-sided trailers does not depreciate as fast as it does with pop-up campers.

Regarding towability, RVs under 2000 lbs are short enough to store in any garage, easy to maneuver, and find a parking spot, which may reduce parking costs and fuel expenses when traveling.

It is a great low-budget option for those looking to leap from tent camping trailer until they decide if traveling in an RV is what they are into. Also, it costs less to buy and maintain.

Some options reviewed in this post also include RVs with a bathroom or bathroom components such as a toilet and/or a shower, air conditioner, and even a fireplace in a remarkable less than 2000 pounds campers, all features highly recommended to enjoy the camping ride.

16 Best Campers Under 2000 lbs

Note that a small RV camper does not mean light. Therefore, tiny campers are not necessarily lightweight RVs. Many famous RV brands were not included in this review because although the campers are small (I would even say too small), their weight is well over the 2000 pounds we are looking for (for example, Oliver and Casita travel trailers).

Below are the best campers with a dry weight below 2000 lbs. The dry weight is the Camper’s weight shipped from the manufacturer. Therefore, the dry weight excludes the weights related to passengers, cargo, liquids, or any requested dealer-installed options.

In this buyer’s guide review, you will find 16 small campers under 2000 lbs on the market for 2023, including some options with bathroom, pop-up campers under 2,000 lbs, lightweight travel trailers, off-road campers, and teardrop campers with a toilet, plus great old floorplans still recommended that you may find it used for sale.

What Campers Weigh Under 2000 Lbs or Less

 Let’s see what campers weigh under 2000 pounds or less pounds:

  1. New Treehouse MAX Camper Trailer
  2. Luna by InTech Teardrop Camper with Toilet
  3. Bean Stock Off-Road Teardrop Trailer Under 1700 Lbs
  4. High Camp Teardrop Trailer
  5. Retro 511 2000-pound Camper Trailer
  6. Backpack Armadillo with toilet, outside shower and king bed
  7. 16′ Standard Scamp Trailer with toilet and shower
  8. TRAILOFT Micro Pop-Up Campe
  9. Camper trailer under 2000 lbs: Taxa Outdoors
  10. Safari Condo Alto F1743: Camper under 2000 lbs with Bathroom
  11. ProLite Evasion: Camper under 2000 lbs with Bathroom for 5 people
  12. Jayco Hummingbird 10RK
  13. Jayco Jay Feather Micro 12SRK
  14. Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro E12SR
  15. Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro 12SRK
  16. Airstream Nest Camper Trailer

5 Campers Under 2000 lbs with Bathroom (Toilet and Shower Options)

We will review the following RVs regarding campers under 2,000 lbs with a bathroom.

  • 16′ Standard Scamp Trailer
  • Safari Condo Alto F1743
  • ProLite Evasion
  • Luna Teardrop by InTech
  • Backpack Armadillo

16′ Standard Scamp Trailer has two different possible layouts. One of them has a wet front bathroom. The Scamp Standard of 16-foot length is a camper under 2,000 lbs with a toilet and shower.

Safari Condo Alto F1743 is one of the best campers under 2000 lbs with a bathroom we include in this review. It has an integrated cassette toilet and an inside shower.

ProLite Evasion is a camper under 2,000 lbs with a bathroom and a remarkable sleeping capacity for up to 5 people.

Luna Teardrop, created by InTech is another option to consider for purchasing a lightweight and versatile teardrop camper under 2000 lbs with a toilet.

The Backpack camper by Armadillo is a 14-foot-long camper, very small, with an outstanding floor plan. This Canadian-made Camper under 2000 pounds includes a toilet, cold and hot shower outside, and a king-size bed.

In the following paragraphs, I review each of these campers under 2000 pounds with a bathroom, including pictures and videos of their floor plans, specifications, and customer feedback received.

How Short Are Small Campers Under 2000 lbs

How short should a camper be to be considered small? Also, how short are the small campers under 2000 pounds we have listed in this review?

First, short and small RVs are not always synonymous with lightweight. The RVs in this review were selected first for a weight of less than 2,000 pounds of dry weight. However, a few of them are also very small. How small? Well, 16 feet long or under 16 feet long. Therefore, consider lightweight and small RVs when looking for your next purchase.

In this review, you will find some RVs like the Scamp and Cricket Taxa camper. Both are 13 ft long, and TigerMoth Taxa is under 16 ft, among many other tiny RV options. However, some larger options are still lightweight.

Campers Under 2,000 Lbs That Sleep 4

The sleeping capacity is one of the impacts you should be aware of when looking for small or lightweight campers under 2,000 Lbs. Is it possible to find a 2000-pound camper that sleeps 4? Yes, it is! Although the majority of the RVs and tent trailers you will find are good options for singles and couples, there are a few options with a sleeping capacity of up to 4 people (such as Safari Condo Alto F1743) and like ProLite Evasion for a family of 5.

  • ProLite Evasion
  • Safari Condo Alto F1743

I encourage you to continue reading, as I will show you more of these RVs in the following paragraphs.

New Treehouse MAX Camper Trailer

From the creators of the Snap Outfitter Treehouse camper, the new Treehouse MAX Camper Trailer, built to order, arrives to expand our quality options among lightweight campers under 2000 lbs and support local businesses.

treehouse max camper
New Treehouse MAX Camper Trailer – Source: https://www.snapoutfitters.com

How it works? The customer provides their own trailer, and the Snap Outfitter team inspects and keeps it for the build process to create your unique Treehouse MAX Camper Trailer to your wishes.

The Treehouse MAX is fully removable and has jacks for leveling and removing. Isn’t it cool? Starting prices are at $15,000 for a 5×8-sized trailer. We recommend contacting them on the official website for more information regarding the Treehouse MAX Camper.

Lightweight RV – Treehouse MAX Camper Trailer – Source: https://www.snapoutfitters.com

Teardrop Camper Under 2000 lbs with Toilet: Luna Base and Rover

If you’re looking for a lightweight camper with a toilet that weighs between 1775 and 1850 lbs., the Luna camper floor plan by InTech may be your best option. Luna Base Package and Luna Rover resemble travel trailers but are smaller, only 16 feet long, and have the typical curved back of a teardrop camper that can be opened to show a kitchenette. Luna has a stove, sink, refrigerator, and cabinet storage for your culinary needs.

campers under 2000 lbs with bathroom
Luna Base and Rover Teardrop Camper with Toilet – Source:  https://intech.com

As you can see in the picture below, it looks big inside. The Entertainment Center has a  Bluetooth Stereo with Speakers and a 32″ TV. The A/C unit is an 8K BTU. The bed size is 60″x80″.

rvs under 2000 lbs
Luna 2000 Pound Camper with Toilet – Source:  https://intech.com

Being under 2000 lbs of dry weight and having an integrated cassette toilet and a fireplace in a Luna Rover camper is quite an achievement! Not even mention the outstanding quality of the materials. This small Camper provides the best camping experience.

2000 pound camper with bathroom
Luna Rover Camper with an Integrated Cassette Toilet – Source:  https://intech.com

A sturdy fiberglass front cover with a glass windshield keeps it secure and safe when driving. See it for yourself in this video.

Bean Stock Off-Road Teardrop Trailer Under 1700 Lbs

Bean Stock is not just another teardrop camper. It is an excellent built-in Utah off-road teardrop camper. However, the smallest Bean camper, the Stock, is entirely constructed in aluminum and refined like the other Beans.

If you are wondering if this Camper is under 2000 pounds, let me tell you if it is even better than that. It is a light RV, under 1700 lbs, only 1650 pounds of dry weight. It is truly a cost-effective option if you want to save weight and dollars expended in fuel.

As a reader, you may think anyone can build a light camper. Agree! So, what about the quality? As I said at the top of this post, the main idea is to review the feedback received from customers and RV owners. They highlight the Bean Trailers as a suitable option to balance a lightweight RV, durability, quality, and value for the money. Also, Bean Trailer offers a limited lifetime warranty against leaks.

off-road camper under 2000 pounds
Bean Stock Off-Road Teardrop Trailer Under 1700 Lbs – Source: https://beantrailer.com

This teardrop camper has a one-piece fiberglass shell and composite side walls. I found they have some interesting optional features. So, for example, you can add a roof rack to carry extra gear. Also, there is good feedback regarding the rear kitchen, shelf out steel stove, shelf out compartment to accommodate a 43 qt freezer or refrigerator or fridge and pass through refrigerator and storage space for food and other essentials.

All Bean trailer models have a 58″ x 78″ mattress 4″ thick, which is a size that works well for a couple. An optional bunk overlaps the main bed that seems suitable for dogs, cats, camping gear, or even a baby portable lounger or a small kid.

Classic Bean and Mean Bean are also Bean trailer teardrop campers lighter than 2000 lbs. At the same time, Meaner Bean and Bean Stalker are 2000-pound campers. It’s all worth seeing options.

Order to completion lead time is about 60 days. Bean Stock starts at $26,790. Check out the video below to see more about this camper option.

2000 Pound Camper High Camp Teardrop

A High Camp teardrop camper is another option of our review that is easy to tow, store, and maintain. This small, light camper built in Portland, Oregon, will help you create great memory trips. 

This RV has a 5″ thick, firm foam Queen size mattress and a new retro camper style. The structure provides a secure and weatherproof shelter, a great option for campers who want to leap from camping in a tent. Extra features include expanding your teardrop space with extensions such as awnings and a rooftop tent room, an excellent option for small families or couples with lots of camping gear.

The rear kitchen has a slide-out three-burner stove with cast iron grates and 7,500 BTU burners. Also, standard features include a spacious 40-quart electric refrigerator powered by a 100 amp AGM deep cycle battery.

The High Camp teardrop RV has a powerful roof fan system to provide air conditioner and heating as needed. High Camp teardrop campers starting at $19,950

2000 pound camper
2000 Pound Camper High Camp Teardrop – Source: https://www.highcamptrailers.com/

Camper Trailer Under 2,000 Pounds: Retro 511

The Retro 511 is a lightweight camper with a dry weight under 1800 pounds. You will love the 511-floor plan and exterior design if you are into new retro campers.

This small Riverside camper is under 13 feet, simple inside (no toilet nor fancy features), but very easy to maneuver.

new retro camper under 2000 lbs
Retro 511 Camper 2000 Lbs under 13 Ft – Source: https://goriversiderv.com/

Camper Under 2000 Lbs with Toilet, Shower and King Bed: Backpack Armadillo

The Canadian Camper Backpack Armadillo is a new retro camper under 2,000 lbs equipped with a portable toilet and an exterior cold/hot shower. A bathroom in the Backpack floor plan is the main difference between the Armadillo and the Backpack Armadillo campers.

The layout has a front kitchen, a dry toilet room full of cabinets and drawers, and a booth dinette that you can fold in a king-size bed. Some features included are nightshades, a two-burner glass-top electric-ignition cooktop, a range hood vent, a 3.5 cu. ft. fridge with freezer, a stainless steel sink, USB charging ports, an outdoor shower with cold and hot water, etc.

campers under 2000 lbs in canada
Backpack Armadillo is a new retro camper under 2,000 lbs equipped with a portable toilet and an exterior cold/hot shower. A bathroom in the Backpack floor plan is the main difference between the Armadillo and the Backpack Armadillo campers. Source: https://www.armadillotrailers.ca/

The Backpack camper has a lightweight two-piece insulated fiberglass shell and 3/4 high-density EPS insulation. This camper’s base price is CAD 36,900 (USD 27,300). Great customer attention.

Check out the Backpack Armadillo floor plan in this video below. A 14-foot-long camper with a toilet and a king-size bed is worth seeing.

Scamp Camper 13 and 16 Feet Long with Toilet and Shower

I believe one of the best things regarding the Scamp Trailers is the floor plan this retro Camper offers. Finding a good combination between small and lightweight and a floor plan that includes a bathroom is tricky in a camper. Not all the small RVs are lightweight. If you didn’t know that, now that you are looking for something specific, like an RV less than 2000 pounds, you know that.

However, the 13 and 16-foot-long Scamp trailers, built in Minnesota, have fantastic floor plans with two possible layouts. And I am pretty sure everyone will choose the layout with the bathroom. And if you are hesitating, you should not because having a bathroom in an RV is a blessing.

Beyond the layout, materials, quality, and customer care are excellent. With all these boxes checked, the Standard Scamp, only 16 ft long, is an excellent option for a small 2000-pound camper. Moreover, the 13′ Scamp camper includes a toilet and shower in a 13-foot-long floor plan. Remarkable!

I suggest checking their official website to see the features included and possible layouts.

campers under 2000 lbs with toilet
Scamp Camper 13 and 16 Feet Long with Toilet and Shower – Source: https://www.scamptrailers.com/

Pop-Up Camper Under 1000 Pounds: TRAILOFT Micro Camper

This RV differs entirely from the other campers proposed in this post. The TRAILOFT micro camper by SylvanSport is an ultra-light pop-up camper with up to 422 lbs, allowing RVers to pull outdoor gear such as two kayaks or two bikes and provide shelter during the nights with the included mattress.

pop up campers under 2000 lbs
Pop-Up Camper Under 1000 Pounds: TRAILOFT Micro CamperSource: https://www.sylvansport.com/

When TRAILOFT Micro is closed, its measures are 134″ L x 79″ W x 46″ H, add 30″ in length for the long tongue. When opened, it measures are 134″ L x 79″ W x 76″ H. Add 30″ in length for the long tongue. This Camper has two doors and two windows.  

The price is $5,424.85 for the full package. We recommend contacting them on the official website for more information regarding the TRAILOFT Micro Camper.

pop up campers under 1000 lbs
Pop-Up Camper Under 1000 Pounds: TRAILOFT Micro CamperSource: https://www.sylvansport.com/

Camper Trailer Under 2000 Lbs: Taxa Outdoors

TigerMoth and Cricket models are two nice RVs by Taxa Outdoors for those looking for a versatile, small camper trailer under 2000 lbs.

Both models are very small campers. TigerMoth Camper is only 12 feet long (1,310 lbs of dry weight), while Cricket is 15 feet long (1,800 lbs of dry weight).

We recommend contacting them on the official website for more information regarding the Taxa Outdoors Campers under 2000 lbs dry weight.

what campers weigh under 2000 lbs
TigerMoth and Cricket: Small Campers Under 2000 Pounds and Less Than 16 Ft – Source: https://taxaoutdoors.com

Best Camper Under 2000 lbs with Bathroom: Safari Condo Alto F1743

This is a remarkable walkable camper trailer. The Alto F1743 is a lightweight, durable camper with great features for an RV under 2000 pounds. This camper has a sleeping capacity for up to 4 people, an integrated toilet, an interior shower, and a kitchen inside.

what campers weigh under 2000 lbs
Safari Condo Alto F1743 Camper Under 2000 lbs with Toilet, Shower, and Kitchen Inside.Source: https://safaricondo.com

Also, the F1713 and F1723 floor plans are under 2000 lbs with toilets and a sleeping capacity for up to 3 and 4 people.

camper trailers under 2000 lbs with toilet
Safari Condo Alto F1743 Camper Under 2000 lbs with Toilet, Shower, and Kitchen Inside.Source: https://safaricondo.com
campers under 2,000 lbs that sleep 4
Safari Condo Alto Source: https://safaricondo.com

Camper Under 2000 lbs with Bathroom for 5 People: ProLite Evasion

As recommended by our Canadian friends, one of the greatest campers under 2000 pounds is the ProLite travel trailer.

ProLite Evasion floor plan includes a bathroom with a shower, a kitchen, and panoramic windows for a family of five. All weigh less than 2,000 lbs! Remarkable!

Due to its optimized size and all of the capabilities offered at this weight, the 2009-introduced EVASION camper trailer is still a favorite. The Evasion weighs 1995 lbs. and is intended for SUVs and vans.

The price range begins at $35,260 (CAD). For more information on how to get this trailer or to find out more about its features, go to their website.

campers under 2,000 lbs that sleep 4
ProLite Evasion Camper Trailer Under 2000 Lbs with Bathroom for a Family of 5 – Source: https://www.roulottesprolite.com/

Find Great Used Campers Under 2,000 Lbs For Sale

Some floor plans are impossible to forget. The following RV trailers are still considered the best of the best. It is an excellent combination of lightweight, small but not too small, walkable, and outstanding features. Why these floor plans were discontinued? Some floor plans are still on the market but are no longer 2000-pound camper trailers. Also, for many years, the market has been looking for huge RVs with massive space inside and comfy features for RV travel. Nowadays, more people are thinking of living full-time in an RV and moving to an RV to save money while working remotely outside an office or just being retired.

If you find any of these five great used campers under 2,000 lbs for sale, take a look, and don’t miss the chance to have a great and memorable RV.

  • Jayco Hummingbird 10RK
  • Jayco Jay Feather Micro 12SRK
  • Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro E12SR
  • Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro 12SRK
  • Airstream Nest

In the following paragraphs, take a look at each one of these.

Jayco Used Campers Under 2000 lbs: Hummingbird 10RK & Jay Feather Micro 12SRK

One of the most excellent RVs under 2000 pounds was the Jayco Hummingbird 10RK, followed by the Jay Feather Micro 12SRK.

The Jayco Hummingbird 10RK camper trailer was manufactured for the last time in 2019. With a dry weight of only 1,545 lbs. and a gross weight of 2,000 lbs, this was a brilliant 13-feet long floor plan. The model includes standard and recommended optional features like fan power vents, an 8,000 BTU air conditioner, Bluetooth speakers, etc.

jayco hummingbird 10rk review
Hummingbird 10RK – Source: https://www.jayco.com/

The Hummingbird 10RK blends a walkable travel trailer and the typical rear kitchen of a teardrop trailer. The 10RK offers a rear kitchen with a quick-connect faucet, microwave, 2-way 12V or 120V TV, refrigerator, and an optional outdoor grill. Prices are about $12,000-14,000, depending on the conditions.

Jay Feather Micro 12SRK was discontinued after 2022. However, it has a very similar exterior to the Hummingbird 10RK. Features and floor plans were different, and it is still worth finding second-hand. The 12SRK offers a sleeping capacity of up to 2 people, being a perfect affordable camper for couples looking for something versatile, small (under 14 ft long), and lightweight  (under 1600 pounds of dry weight).

jay feather micro 12srk review
Jay Feather Micro 12SRK – Source: https://www.jayco.com/

It’s a shame that Jayco’s Hummingbird and Jay Feather Micro 12SRK floor designs are no longer available. The combination of small but significant space inside for such a low dry weight is unique. No Jayco 2000-pound campers dry weight exists when this article is published. Otherwise, we’d list Jayco as one of our recommended RV manufacturers.

Forest River Used 2000 Pound Camper: Flagstaff E-Pro E12SR & Rockwood Geo Pro 12SRK

The Flagstaff E-Pro E12SRK and Rockwood Geo Pro 12SRK are 2000-pound travel trailers with identical floor configurations.

Although these well-known campers are no longer available for 2023, some dealers may still have these fantastic lightweight travel trailers, varied floor designs, and easy-to-tow weight of 1,763 lbs. Both campers have no integrated toilet (but space for a portable RV toilet), a front bedroom, and an outside kitchen.

used campers under 2000 lbs for sale

Used Campers Flagstaff E-Pro E12SRK – Source: https://forestriverinc.com/

Used Airstream Nest Camper Under 2000 lbs

Airstream’s Nest was formerly a popular travel trailer under 2000 pounds but was discontinued after 2020. There is now one more discontinued travel trailer on this list since this model is no longer available.

used airstream nest camper
Used Airstream Nest CamperSource: https://www.airstream.com/

Final Thoughts When Purchasing a 2000 Pound Camper

As you may if you are a constant CamperOutdoor.com reader, we are not affiliated with any RV manufacturer. We want to share our experiences and our folks’ RV owners with the readers. Therefore, we do not intend to push you into one RV brand or the other.

To close our under 2000-pound camper trailers review, let’s summarize with a couple of final thoughts to share with you.

After a comprehensive assessment of the campers on the current market, we created this list of the 16 best campers under 2000 lbs.

Suppose you want to expand the scope of your research, digging only in walkable travel trailers and stretch up to 2,500 pounds. In that case, I encourage you to click and read the following post: 21 Best Travel Trailers Under 2500 lbs and 2000 lbs.

From the new 2023 Treehouse MAX Camper Trailer to great discontinued used campers from Jayco, Forest River, and Airstream, including different kinds of teardrop trailers, there are several options in the market to find a suitable small and lightweight RV camper under 2000 lbs easy to tow with cars and mid-SUVs.

Of course, there still are more than the 16 options summarized in this post review. However, we are proud to have put together some good options in terms of quality, price, and customer service, especially for campers under 2000 lbs with bathroom/toilet/shower.

Suppose you are looking for pop-up campers that weigh under 2,000 pounds. Check out our recommended posts: Pop Up Campers Under 2000 Lbs & Best Small Pop Up Campers. Pop-up campers are one of the most economical types of RVs on the market and could be a great option that suits your expectations.

I hope this review will help you find your next RV for memorable trips.

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